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  1. I've pledged $50 so far. Looking at the reward tiers, I'm halfway tempted to upgrade to $125 for the vinyl edition, but I've already donated so much to SpaceVenture. I wish Ken all the best, though. In my opinion, he was the greatest composer to ever grace Sierra On-Line. A friend of mine thought that I gave $2.50 to SpaceVenture when I first told him about it. Nope, that decimal point's two places to the right.
  2. Great. Thanks a lot, Serena! I'm looking forward to seeing Under The Half Dome surpass $20,000.
  3. I nearly had a heart attack when I read the thread title. Thanks, Frede! I'm surprised that anyone remembers Conrad fondly. I expected to come here and see animated GIFs depicting dead horses. I'm glad that everyone here is mature about it now. Andromeda knows meelWORM and I were not as mature back then. It was just an evil means to promote Chris Cromer's ailing AGI web site. In the short term, it actually seemed effective, but once word got out on the Subspace Channel... Well... It's better to leave some things in the past. I did re-examine the whole thing in 2009, with a look back at ag
  4. I thought that I already had a Janitorial Times account, but it would not recognize either of my e-mail addresses, so I decided to simply create a new one. I've been lurking for a long time, popping in and out of the community. When I have been around, I've mostly been writing articles about Space Quest and SpaceVenture (and throwing money at SpaceVenture). Yesterday, I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Ken Allen about Space Quest IV, his new album and SpaceVenture. It was a real treat. He shared some stories about SQ4 that I had never heard before (or just didn't remember). For a
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