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  1. I thought I would speak up on this topic. I think we all love Larry and need to take action. I believe there is a difference between "Taking the high ground" and all sitting around watching one man poison a water well we are all trying to drink from. We can do just as much harm by not taking action. We are the power here, not Paul. We are the consumers, we are the customers and we have the money. Let us use the tools we have. My suggestions. 1. Email Al and let him know how you feel about Paul. Let him know we still support him but not with Paul. On his website his email is listed as webmail@allowe.com 2. Email codemasters. The game must not be selling well which is why Paul is acting like this. Email the highest person you can get ahold of there. They also have listed custservice@codemasters.com . I also think tweeting to them, so its more in the public eye, is also beneficial. https://twitter.com/codemasters We have to make it very clear to them that we want more Larry games with Al, but not with Paul. Don't let Al get painted with the same brush. These are all normal channels with which WE can also express our opinion. Take the 5 minutes it would take to write an email. It might just save Larry.
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