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  1. It's been awhile since I wrote something here. Here's my take.. I'd be okay with a split down the middle for SpaceVenture. What happened to Double Fine is rather annoying. They went far above & beyond their goal and still ran into financial issues. Granted - they were aiming for a smaller project initially but gosh - you cant make 1 full adventure game with 3.3 million dollars (or 2.9 if you take the 400k in rewards they had to send out)? Having seen other projects and somewhat having been involved in some - it's difficult to make a quality game with a small budget and not exceed it. So sign me up!
  2. RPS did a great job on the article. In the end I think Paul is just a very deluded mentally ill person. He had a good thing going, but his actions destroyed it all. I can only feel sorry for him for not realizing that his actions would have an adverse reaction. At this moment I think the "announcement" in January will not happen. A LSL game without Al's support is just not going to happen. I'm hoping for a new Josh IP game! I'd back that in a heartbeat!!!
  3. It really isn't about feeling screwed over, it's sad the way Paul reacted to all of this, but I'm still happy I was involved with everyone else during this project. It's more about the adventure game community being 1 big front (as everyone showed over the last week). We all gathered behind the SV project as we couldnt sit back and let someone tarnish the hard work they are putting into this. As everyone has stated before, we will block any attempt coming from Mr Trowe for another adventure game. So if we are all trying to bring this genre back and are this big front, it cant hurt to contact CodeMasters to let them know how we all feel, regardless if you're a SQ/PQ/KQ/GK/QfG or Larry fan. I think we all want this genre to succeed in this gaming market. That's the main reason I stopped my involvement with Replay Games. I didnt want to sit by and let someone hurt the community. I guess what I'm saying is that together we can make a stand. Just like we all did when Paul posted on KS. Lets at least contact CodeMasters to let them know how we as an adventure game community feel about Paul's involvement. It's not about Larry, it's about adventure games in general.
  4. In regards to Josh - I have truly enjoyed working with him. He's an amazing guy, very talented. I'm not speaking to his status with Replay as I feel this is something he needs to share if he feels the need to. At this point as stated by others, it seems most of the reputation of Replay is in shambles and a lot of people left. Other people involved (Al, Britton) are more than likely not happy with the state of affairs. And while it's great that all this information is being shared & gathered here on this board, I do agree with Quirk & bootyboi that it would be important to speak out to CodeMasters so that they are aware of that's going on. Last thing anyone would need is the license to go to someone that lost all support & respect of the adventure game community as it would totally kill the franchise from being revived. Even if you are not a big Larry fan, it would be a bad sign for the adventure game genre.
  5. Here's to you Scott! <raising another good glass of Belgian beer>
  6. Couldnt say it better myself. As I said before - out of everything, I'm grateful to have had this experience and gotten to know great people in this community more & more (you know who you are :)). It's sad that this all is being destroyed by 1 person. I do think what Quirk above here is saying would be interesting to try.
  7. I honestly dont care about the amount of money I spent on LSLR, it's more of the tactics that were involved that now diminish this entire experience. I'm still happy with LSLR just not with the person running the show.. But I'm glad we're able to discuss this in a civil non nudity manner ;-)
  8. Hello everybody, Thank you for all the support. After reading Paul's comment on KS, I was done. After him banning and deleting ALL the posts that Serena created on the forum, I'm even more done. I've been active in the community for a long time (started all on the QuestStudios forum - hence this nickname). When the Sierra revival started with Leisure Suit Larry, I just couldn't sit by and not try to get involved. I've been grateful to be able to help out and provide my professional help to this project. I still stand behind all the work I've done and I'm happy to have helped bring this game to market. Josh Mandel is an awesome guy and I would work for him or ANYONE at N-Fusion Studios in a heartbeat! All such talented people that have such a great heart for the gaming industry. I know more than I would say on here (I like to remain taking the high road) - but I just want to thank everyone for supporting us (Serena, Irish, Tom & myself) for speaking out against something we believe in. The adventure game community is a tight community and I am proud to be part of it. If anything, this experience has taught me a lot and I'm very grateful for all the people I got to know through this. Thanks everyone. Jeroen aka Dutchmagic
  9. Sigh.. this is wrong on so many levels.. Why not offer suggestions on helping fix things? Isn't it in everyones best interest that adventure games will make a great comeback? *sigh*
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