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  1. Fantastic. Thanks, Troels! I use a Wacom Intuos 4. It's just a tablet pad, which is nice but you have to peck around and do some guess work from time to time. From the looks of it, Mark has a Cintiq, which actually has a monitor built into the tablet. I'm jealous.
  2. I had an idea for promoting the art of the game in its current state. I apologize if this or something similar has been pitched before, but it would be cool to see a timelapse of Mark painting a scene from start to finish. Some commentary where he walks us through the process, describing brushes, tools and techniques would be a plus. What do you guys think?
  3. Completely understand and don't blame you for taking a breather. Thank you for your ongoing support!
  4. I think DrJ was saying the exact opposite of that, aside from our appreciation for designers like Josh, Al, Scott, et al. We all love those guys and I'm glad to see that expressed here, but I'm not sure everyone understands the position Paul is in. Paul DOES NOT own the rights to Leisure Suit Larry. The only reason he was able to do a Larry game was because he knows people. Paul has passion, there's no doubt about that, but he's made it clear he cannot handle the amount of power he was given. This isn't just a slip up, it's a personality trait. We would be doing the franchise and the peopl
  5. Yes, very well said! Josh Mandel is a hell of a guy. I'm glad to see that the community recognizes that and appreciates him as much as we do. Jeroen's response to this is also spot on.
  6. Hey, everybody! Looks like I finally made it to the party. So, about me. My name is Tom King. I'm a 28 year-old designer and musician wannabe. Some of you may know me from Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded (I'm that bald jerk pounding beers in Lefty's), others may know me from Twitter (@DadsNewBF). Others may not know me at all, in which case, nice to meet you. My hobbies/interests include (but certainly are not limited to) music, roadtrips, cooking, hiking, kayaking, cycling, unicycling, changing the size of my thumbs, learning new languages, juggling, poetry, playing air-instruments, pla
  7. Thanks for capturing those shots, MI. I can no longer see the forums at all. I'm surprised I wasn't banned sooner, but I'm glad I got in a few last words in before my account was deleted. Even though I'm new to this community (despite being a fan of Space Quest since age 9 or so), I would love to help you guys with the video any way I can, if you guys will have me. After all the kind words of support you guys have given us, it would be an honor to be a part of something with you guys showing our support for Two Guys and Space Pope. Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend.
  8. Fantastic points, Frede. I have no idea what Paul was thinking, but it's clear all agree that what he's doing is completely asinine. And I don't think that's just because we're fans of Space Quest and/or friends of the Two Guys. It's because we're all decent people, and despite not really knowing what's going on with the project, we would rather be patient than speculate and potentially hurt the project. For a CEO to do this is inexcusable. Don't get me wrong, I certainly have no regrets about my involvement in Larry and appreciate the many wonderful opportunities to work with the talents
  9. I (Tom King) left a knee jerk comment on the Kickstarter thread, which I probably shouldn't have done. But it should be no surprise that Paul isn't the most pleasant person, so I don't think I'm necessarily letting the cat out of the bag there. This is nothing but a big play for attention, and is best left ignored.
  10. Hey all, I posted this idea to the Kickstarter campaign, and to make sure it wasn't lost, I wanted to submit it to the massive think tank we have going here. Maybe it will spark more ideas, who knows. See what you think: Alright, so I think I have a decent--and admittedly undeveloped--idea for later prototypes: The Isla Dome is invaded by Sludge Vohaul and the Two Guys have been captured. To rescue them, you will need various gadgets and build a space ship. This is where Kickstarter comes in: To acquire all the gadgets and parts necessary, the event will have to reach the goal. In the
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