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  1. Oh, well, no Death and Damnation. We'll go to Ill-will and Discontent. I'll get something to you! You have to forgive me MusicallyInspired, I'm still operating through the fog of antibiotics. I'm enjoying "Better living through chemistry" for a few more days! At least the fever that was most of last week has died down.
  2. Since I've posted a few times, figured I might as well say hello. My name is Doug, I'm an ancient bugger at 52, I've been playing adventure games since many of you were still on your parents "to do" list. I was a mechanical engineer at IBM for many years and now I run a mechanical technology department at the local community college. I grew up on the water so I love all things sailing and motor boating, fishing, camping, that sort of stuff. I'm a computer geek back when that involved punch cards and for some reason (possible insanity say most), I've stuck with it. Actually won a division award
  3. Death and Damnation. I had promised a video but it has been a few days and alas, nothing. I did make a small one. Is it too late? If nothing else, I will think wonderful thoughts about the team!
  4. Count me in for a signature too. I'd love to see a new Larry game (I'm okay without remaking any more even if LSL2 was a "bit" (that means a WHOLE lot) buggy.
  5. My video presence has been banned in several respectable places but if I get up early enough tomorrow, I'll film something pithy and inflict it upon you. Consider yourselves warned.
  6. I am ashamed to say I haven't been banned from Replay for my one post yet. I see several folks are dropping turds throughout the forum which I agree, is a bit like pissing on roadkill. I have heard several folks talk about the swag arriving poorly wrapped, crushed, etc. This, sadly is true. The box was designed with a cardboard insert to hold stuff together and looks like it might have even held the shot glass in place, but all for nothing, stuff was tossed in the box and rattled all the way from Austin to upstate NY! There were signs of problems before, they are just a little more obvious now
  7. Looks like the purge continues over at Replay. I may sneak over and steal some of drdrslashvohaul's popcorn! I have to agree with Vega and others, I don't see Paul sweet talking his way out of this one. More interesting will be to see if all this hits his wallet.
  8. Thanks MusicallyInspired for immortalizing what is turning into a grade A public meltdown. At this point, I am moving on, avoiding Replay like the plague, and continuing to cheer all the other fine adventure games I've had the honor to back. At least with 2 Guys, it is money very well spent.
  9. Just stepping in to add my 2 cents worth and maybe add Paul Troll another twitter fan or 2! I guess its a crime to not hang on every word out of Paul's mouth. At this point, I'm honestly annoyed that I upped my pledge in LSLR to get my image in the game. Thankfully I backed a bunch of other games (like say, SQ and QFI to name a couple) so I know I'll still come out ahead. For what little it is worth, I put a note in the Replay forum that I'm done and unliked the FB page and I'm movin' on a few bucks poorer but with a couple of wonderfully drawn pictures (given the horrid subject matter)! I on
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