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  1. Wow what a shocking series of events! Still can't believe this is happening! Although I wasn't a regular poster I always enjoyed reading the many great discussions about Larry! I enjoyed seeing the different perspectives everyone had to the game. And it's all gone! :( I logged on yesterday to check responses on a thread I posted on and was shocked to see posts that were deleted. At this point I thought only SteveHNo96 and Roland were deleted because of their constant nudity demands lol and then as I looked around I realised the devastation! I made the point a few times since the release of the game, that the budgeting of the game was a big reason for the flaws (such as crappy animation) and surely the man with the money and the man responsible for screwing up the budget was Paul himself!!! This all makes perfect sense now! Anyways I'd like to give out a big thanks to the volunteers that gave so much of their time and energy to have this game developed! I had no idea so many of you had contributed in such a selfless way! This also goes to show you the kind of man Paul is. Not once do I recall him publicly thanking all you guys for your contributions! He never posted in the forum to let everyone know how grateful he was! Nothing in the Kickstarter pages either! AMAZING!!! So once again thanks to all you guys for putting up with that guy for all those months in order to have Larry resurrected! Too bad it had to come to this! :( Like others have stated I too will not be supporting any Leisure Larry 2/8 or anything that has Paul's name on it! Not a chance! Even if he does get it done somehow I will not even purchase the game! I will be obtaining it via other means instead! :P I have unliked the facebook pages associated with him and I noticed there was a post on the Replay Games Facebook page from a guy named Robert Gibbs that expressed his disgust in what has happened. I checked again today and those posts were deleted! I'm really hoping Codemasters sees what we have seen, and also sees the potential with Larry and goes via other avenues to bring us further Larrys! :) It may not accomplish much but I'll be emailing the customer service at Codemasters and doing what I can to spread the word! With the update coming soon for Larry Reloaded can you imagine if he took out names from the credits or names from the Kickstarter easter egg in the game that he banned from the forums? Sheesh!
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