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  1. I have to say that in general, fair enough that it's better to have actual clothes in public, but I think there are more exceptions than have been previously stated, most notably being Arthur Dent, or indeed anyone who is eccentric/mad/in a hurry enough to carry off the public dressing gown look. Also whilst in general I think it's a bad idea for people to not use real clothes, I'm opposed to regulating/restricting what people wear beyond perhaps a few very basic public indecency laws, it really doesn't affect me if someone wears pyjamas in a shop nearby. Also the line between nightwear an
  2. I can code efficiently - though only in fairly lightweight languages, I'm not up to writing a decent game engine but I can script in Python or JavaScript pretty well. Graphics are a big problem though, particularly for something like this where the artist would need to be another hobbyist - since I'm pretty sure there's no commercial outlook for the project given the current market for text-heavy parser games.
  3. Static images was the plan to begin with - I just can't find anyone to make them and don't have the necessary skills myself.
  4. I might well end up doing so - unfortunately I didn't plan for that so I now need to disassemble the graphics display bit of the playscreen, which if not a massive job in terms of programming is still going to be a bit annoying to do. The combat system was also going to use the display area after my next upgrade of it too... I'll take another look soon and get back to you all when I've worked out what I'm doing. How big do you think the text-only community is? I mean, I know it's non-zero, but I don't really know where to find it on the internet in any numbers.
  5. Thanks for the heads up :) But yeah, the fact people have wanted to do the add-ons probably underlines my point a tad. Back to the OP topic which I haven't even mentioned yet, I'm very much looking forward to hearing more about Ace Hardaway. I suspect he's the kind of guy I wouldn't necessarily click with if we actually met, but I think he'll be a fun hero to play with and as I mentioned I like the everyman-heroism which has been such a feature of the Two Guys' work.
  6. I should really get back to it sometime... more artist hunting doesn't appeal much currently though. But yeah, at current stage there's about 30 locations, a few small quest lines, 3 character classes each with 4 levels, a load of skills, and towns etc to explore. It's fun to mess around with. :)
  7. Yeah, I'm certainly not arguing that it should be banned, I'm just arguing it's kind of naff. I'm also not even arguing that it's not a true love story or that those are bad - just that it's a badly done and rather skewed true love story and the way it's presented grates on me personally. Also the specific bits I was getting annoyed at, as I was saying, aren't the bits that are age old or that everybody wants. I'd have no issue with you getting to the tower, using the amulet, and then having a cutscene that has a brief note that your relationship then blossoms and she later agrees to marry you
  8. Wait, LucasArts actually got copyright for the word "droid"? That's nuts. Back to the thread title: so far, SQ2, but I still have 3 titles to go and suspect I may intuitively like the point and clicks less.
  9. I am also on Twitter in two forms: @jubalbarca as myself, which I don't use thaaat much but has a cute echidna as profile picture and in my role as exilian.co.uk Megadux (Content Director - I'm a Byzantine history geek and I got to come up with the role names): @Exilian_Press which is possibly actually of interest to people - that account will post announcements about Antares IV, the various parser games being made on the site, etc. :)
  10. I quite like some P&Cs (something like MOTAS for example), but I'd express a marginal preference for parser games I think, just because I like the challenge of them. I like the idea of a parser that lets you talk to the character; that could be a very neat game concept... I've been working on making a parser-based adventuring RPG game for quite a while (mock-humour-fantasy-ish, written in Python), though it's rather stalled because the original design (and indeed the engine) includes functionality for each location to have a static illustration and finding an artist has proven impossib
  11. I guess I should admit that I am a Man With Opinions when it comes to fairytales; which is to say, it's not really old-school fantasy either in the sense of following the giants of C20th fantasy writing or in the sense of having much of a basis in folk fairy stories. It's 19th century style sanitised upper middle class Victorian fantasy, which I just don't like much as a genre. I dislike the "thou gaineth a WOMAN" plot trope that makes the female character a barely-animate quest objective with no agency, and the original KQ2 ending is very, very definitely falling into that trap in my opinion.
  12. This one interested me in that I think the two you cite are very different... I dunno. I will admit that I've not played the LSL series, but that's mostly because the core character/game concept doesn't appeal to me at all (to the extent that I think I'd just find playing it kind of uncomfortable and odd rather than fun, even if the puzzles were good). Possibly at a big stretch they can both be described as flawed heroes, but I think the core message of the two characters is very different. For Roger, he bungles and messes up but the key thing is that despite himself he still acts on his good
  13. I've read a lot of stuff on adventure games where people have singled out things like SQ and KQ with the idea that parsers were good for their day, but are now an outdated technology that we should be glad to be rid of. I, on the other hand, really like parsers and will often happily play purely text-based parser games with no graphics at all. I definitely prefer them to point and clicks, and I like having adventure games that are puzzles without all the 3d spatial awareness needed in modern full-3d game types. (Also this isn't just 1980s nostalgia in my case, I can confirm: I wasn't born unti
  14. Well, they carry short-rang bomb launching kit, so if you want a ) fireworks or b ) by "doing" the party you mean removing the invitees from the group of people not blown to smithereens they'd probably be able to provide... EDIT: Also, there's now a download link provided on the forum for anyone who wants to have a go. Bear in mind this is release 1 so it's far from perfected still. :)
  15. I finally finished Space Quest 3 and reviewed it today :)
  16. Okay, so strictly-strictly this isn't quite a SQ fangame, but it also more or less is. Essentially this is a mod for the classic TBS/RTS strategy game Rome Total War that puts it in a parody-fantasy universe that is very (read: disconcertingly) similar to that of Space Quest (though with tropes from 40K, Star Trek, Firefly, and other universes thrown in and occasionally lampshaded). I don't know how big the adventure/strategy crossover is so appreciate there may be no interest in this at all, but thought I'd share it here since it has so many nods to SQ. The theme is generally whimsical sc
  17. Thanks for the advice, folks :)
  18. Okay, so I'm working on a small mod for Rome TW (the 2005 original not Rome 2) that is so far as I know the only sci-fi conversion the game's had done to it. I'd quite like to use the Space Quest theme as menu music, but have no idea a) who has the copyright and more importantly b) whether anyone's going to be likely to enforce it. Does anyone know what the copyright situation is on these things? (Also, I'm going to post more information about the project generally pretty soon, specifically since it's pretty massively densely packed with Space Quest references, but I'm officially annou
  19. I'm fairly sure I count as second generation, given most of the games came out before I was born (being myself a product of 1994). I've only played the first couple of games in the series so far, started working through 3 recently. I've also been writing reviews as I've been going along, which can be found here: http://www.exilian.co.uk/forum/index.php?board=131.0 Also hello, etc - I'm Jubal, or James as realspacename, I'm British and a history student/hobbyist game coder. :)
  20. I try and avoid walkthroughs but will use hint books where I need them - I think it's mostly a case of whether it increases or decreases one's enjoyment of a game, wrestling with something you had no idea might be there for hours can just be vexing and frustrating and not particularly fun. There are several cases in SQ where the basic "look" command could ideally have a couple more hints added to it (the deep part of the SQ2 swamp springs to mind, AFAIK there's no way of finding it other than blundering into that area at the back of the screen and so it's extremely easy to play through a load
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