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  1. Yeah, like I said, his work in SQ6 is flipping amazing. I remember having quite a few literal laugh out loud moments thanks to his ability to dish out line after hilarious line of perfect timing and emphasis. I've been working my way through the series again the last few weeks and am almost halfway through SQV now. Looking forward to hearing his work again. Not looking forward to the annoyingly convoluted puzzles on Polysorbate LX.
  2. Man, SQ2 definitely wins the award for most deadly hall-roaming threats.
  3. Yeah, I went back using the debug teleport and was able to get past him using your solution 1 and no items at all. It was a pretty earthshattering moment for me lol. But there's still the gem situation, which I think can create an impossible dead end. Oh and the very last part of the game is UGH so stressful.
  4. Amusingly, I just found that out about an hour after posting that while browsing around this site. All these years I thought there was only one solution to that problem.
  5. Hi all. I played the original Space Quest shortly after it came out, in stunning monochrome, on my dad's Sharp PC: I played every game pretty much as soon as possible after it was released, although I didn't really have my own money until V and 6 came out, since I was just a kid in 80s. In fact, I bought Space Quest II with money I won from a Bingo game at my stepfather's company picnic back in 1988!
  6. Haha, I never played the speechified version of SQ4, just the original text-only, so I can't compare. Guess I wasn't missing much.
  7. SQ6 had one major flaw: the voice actor for Roger Wilco was terrible. The writing was pretty great in places, and the narrator was absolutely hilarious and pitch perfect, but Roger's weak deliveries ruined so many jokes.
  8. Dredging up an old thread, but I have to say SQ2 was the hardest, just because of the huge number of ways you can get stuck without the items you need and no way to go back and get them. I just replayed it today, and I STILL ended up at the bottom of the platform without the keycard. :wacko:
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