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  1. I cast my vote for Space Quest 5 as well! As my first Space Quest game, it's always going to be special to me. I have many memories of waking up early and scrubbing the Star Con Academy's crest because I enjoyed the music. I suppose my next favorite is a bit of a tie between Space Quest 4 and 6. The Time Rippers was my second Space Quest, and the whole time travel plot is something that I really enjoy. The Spinal Frontier is...different. I liked the new art style, the speech was definitely higher quality than Space Quest 4. The only thing about SQ6 that seemed odd to me was the story a
  2. I've never thought of Roger as an idiot. A bit slow, yes, but not a brainless klutz the way some fans depict him. Moreover, I think he's well-aware of the fact that he's not the brightest bulb. It's been awhile since I've played Space Quest 6, but I don't recall anything in the game that made me think he was an idiot. Quite the contrary, Roger came off as a sarcastic, slightly depressed guy, much more so than in the previous games. This makes me think he knows more than he lets on and to be quite honest, when we look at his life, he's got plenty of reasons to act that way. Alternate charac
  3. From what I understand, the SQ7 is currently looking for a way to release the game without having the pants sued off them by Activision-Blizzard. So, it's on indefinite hold. I'm sure if they make any progress with the legal issues they'll let us know.
  4. This thread has been dead for a year and two months. SQ7 is currently on hold.
  5. Yes, very nice! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished game. Just curious, what engine are you planning to use? It has SCI style graphics, so I'm guessing that it will use a parser interface, but it would work just as well with point-and-click, I think.
  6. If I've ever worn my pajamas outside the house, it's because I was too tired to notice. I don't *think* I've ever done it before. Unless you count the times where I've never bothered to change before going to bed, and then never bothering to change upon waking up. Ah, don't you just love deodorant? :D :) (Ugh, :() -Vroom
  7. Heh, I only wear my pajamas in the house. I have noticed this, though it's not terribly common here. -Vroom
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