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  1. Call me tacky if you wish, but I like that the apostraphe is the feather from Graham's hat. Also, am I the only one who feels like their logo video is reminscent of the King's Quest 5 box art?
  2. Oh certainly he could. But it's just hard picturing him as Roger Wilco, perhaps because all of his roles are all so well defined. I see him as the Genie, or Patch Adams, or Mrs. Doubtfire, and it's hard to really know what his take on a character would be until I actually see it, if that makes sense. Wholeheartedly agree about missing him though.
  3. That'd be kind of neat. It's a shame Sierra didn't do more crossovers outside of the Hoyle games.
  4. Considering the narrator's remarks about the timepods' resemblance to tennis shoes, did you think about getting it done on your foot? The more I think about it, the more I don't really see many Sierra references lending themselves to good tattoos. Quest for Glory and King's Quest honestly feel like they have more material to draw from (no pun intended) than Space Quest. Though I suppose a pin-up style piece of WD40 might be kind of neat. Or if you feel like being tacky, a heart with "Wankmeister" in it. ;) As far as KQ is concerned, the Dangling Participle might make for a decent one.
  5. As far as adapting a series for newer audiences, what's so wrong with that? Just because it doesn't appease the diehard fans doesn't mean it's terrible. You can please some of the people all of the time, but you can't please all the people all the time, and all that. If they made a game that was geared exclusively towards the hardcore Sierra fan, it'd be an utter failure, and that's assuming that developers could even settle on a design that would be appealing to the fans of old. Bemoan the state of gaming all you want, but the fact is that the Grande Olde Sierra Titles™ are no longer the apot
  6. Everyone needs to stop throwing a hissy fit and see what comes from all of this. Just because it might not use the same interface as the classic titles doesn't automatically invalidate it. I think too many people around here are stuck wearing rose-tinted glasses, or else just can't enjoy anything that's not a Sierra adventure game. I love the classic titles as much as the next person, but what, exactly, is so wrong with the torch being passed? Just because it's not the original developers working on it? Get a grip and wait for some actualy screenshots or gameplay videos! At this rate the proje
  7. I can only imagine what that would have sounded like...Somehow I don't quite see it working out. Robin was far too manic in the majority of his comic roles (both standup and film), but I think he'd have no problem playing a slightly older, more jaded Roger Wilco.
  8. Not a bad mashup, though I'd love to see someone actually do a handdrawn piece in Grand Theft Auto's signature cover style. More emphasis on the characters and less on the ships. ;)
  9. Anyone out there with ink? Anyone with Sierra related ink? While I don't presently have any tattoos, I do enjoy seeing what sort of designs others have and hearing the stories behind their ink. I've seen quite a few interesting sci-fi and gaming tattoos, but never anything related to Space Quest or Sierra. So if anyone's got some tattos they're comfortable sharing, or desings they're considering, Sierra related or not, please do so! Natrually anything that's NSFW should carry a warning. And I figure it goes without saying, but this thread probably shouldn't get turned into a discussion about t
  10. Colour me interested. Broadly speaking, I've lost a lot of my enthusiasm for the old Sierra titles, so a fresh start of sorts is not necessarily a bad thing in my eyes. I'll refrain from passing judgement one way or the other, simply because we don't really have any real information about what's going on. Anyone who follows or enjoys video games understands that it's a golden age of hype and bullshit right now, and to get excited over a press release is a recipe for tears. So while I don't expect to necessarily see this amount to much more than a failed experiment, I would certainly like to he
  11. I'm sure a lot of people are burnt out with Kickstarter Fatigue (actual medical diagnosis), and I apologize if I missed the Grand Ol' Kickstarter Collection Thread™, but I wanted to spread the word about this campaign. It's close to ending, and they're still a long ways from their goal, but it would certainly be nice if they met it. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1867564967/inherit-the-earth-sand-and-shadows
  12. Username is fatherdeagle. It probably goes without saying, but if you do decide to add me on Skype, please put a note in the invite message that you're from Space Quest.net or something similar so I know who you are. The generic invite message on Skype isn't the greatest, and since I haven't been a regular visitor to these forums in some time, I'm likely not going to recognize just a username. I suppose if enough people are interested it could turn into a group Skype chat. That'd be kind of neat. :)
  13. I'd like to see a picture of Roger Wilco laughing J. Jonah Jameson-style at this thread. Barring that, Space Quest Gangnam Style.
  14. Wow, all that buzz from a single post...And here I was thinking nobody reads what I spew onto this site every few months. Thanks to penguinfan for stating my general viewpoint in all of this.
  15. Time flies. Sorry to hear about the setbacks, but it's great to hear you're making progress and doing well again, Johnathon. Congratulations on the upcoming wedding as well. B)
  16. I was at one point in time excited for this. Suffice it to say my interest has waned. Also, I think they would have made a better impression if the lone female in their big ol' poster had some clothes on; Leisure Suit Larry already had his Kickstarter project. :rolleyes:
  17. I remember fondly perusing those entries some years ago...Would be nice to see what the Photoshop gifted among us could turn up now.
  18. Beautiful. Makes me want to play Space Quest again.
  19. Much as I'd like to come, I don't think I'll be able to make it to this. Sorry! :(
  20. When one takes a look at all the games prior to Space Quest 5, there's really no reason for Star Con to be mentioned. In none of them is Roger really interacting with anyone of consequence from his own corner of the universe (or timeline, in the case of Space Quest 4). Their sudden inclusion in Space Quests 5 and 6 doesn't feel all that jarring, perhaps because it seems a natural progression of the series. We've never even seen Roger on Xenon, aside from the ending scene of SQ1; what's to say that flying the Mallard didn't spurr him on to seek out bigger and better things when he finally got h
  21. True, I had forgotten about them. But it all fits within the context of Shapier, and in both of those cases, it's the female character testing the "Hero" by flirting with him. Aziza might look pretty, but the second you try and make a move she'll throw you out on your ear, and Dinarzad is the Chief Thief; she acts coy with you, but if you step out of line you'll find yourself out of work and possibly missing a hand courtesy of her bodyguard. Good catch though, QFG 2 has always been the game I've sort of glossed over, for some reason.
  22. Well if we wanted to get all technical and split hairs, Fallout 3 and New Vegas incorporated the action points and "called shots" system as well, albeit in a more FPS-oriented way. It's actually implemented quite well, IMHO. I recall using it as an example when I explained it to Lori and Corey on Facebook back when they asked for suggestions regarding combat systems. [/shameless fanboying] A little more on-topic, I agree with the sentiment regarding chipping in when possible. Just when it seems like I've got a few bucks to pony up for the Kickstarter, real life rears its ugly head and giv
  23. Clearly I missed out on a few things as a kid...Seems a lot of the (male) participants in the Sierra adventure game community got their sex ed through Leisure Suit Larry! I jest, I jest, but I'm still catching little bits of innuendo in Space Quest...I guess I just take things way too literally. Aw well, that's part of the fun of replaying the games now; just reading others' takes on the various references/puzzles/plot twists has turned up a few tidbits that I'd overlooked or forgotten.
  24. *Insert Joker slow clap gif here* Thank you, Cap'n, for reminding me how much I missed you. Lovely speculation, I'd say it jives quite well with the established canon. Also, I really must reply the series and get my mitts on SQ: INC. It sounds like it's exactly the sort of take on SQ that I'd enjoy...
  25. With all of the flavour material floating around the Multiverse, it's safe to assume that Roger had a relatively small following at some point. I'd say he'd probably be hovering somewhere between D- or E-list celebrity, at least until the events of Space Quest 6. As was noted earlier, it's likely that the Star Con tribunal we see in the introduction ruined any reputation that Roger might have had prior to the game. We'll never know for certain what happens between Roger and Beatrice, but I think it'd be a fair assumption that a marriage between the two would thrust Roger back into the limeligh
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