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  1. Djurkwhad's name is a literal explanation of what he is: a wad of jerkishness.
  2. The watermark makes is a little difficult to see, but I understand why you have to put it in. I'd like to see some more of it, it looks pretty good.
  3. I'm aware of this. Krypton, Superman's homeworld, is also an element on the periodic table. I assume that Scott was following in that same vein when he named Roger's homeworld Xenon.
  4. Xenon is most definitely a reference to Superman.
  5. Well hell, this is probably a bad idea, but I'm gonna bite. Did you seriously think that it would appeal to anyone here? :?
  6. AWESOME! The first game was kick-ass and a nice little tribute to old adventure games, can't wait to play this one.
  7. Indeed it would...Got to get my girlfriend into Space Quest, maybe she'd draw some fan art...
  8. That your post is the sort of juvenile thing I would expect of a horny, thirteen year old. Next you'll tell us that you've done pin-up posters of the Latex Babes or something. ~_~
  9. Well...I suppose it's something, right? Good to hear that Al Lowe's involved. And hey, if this does well, maybe Freddy Pharkus will get a rerelease! T'would be aces if it did!
  10. Interesting. So...it's a remake of a remake? Or is it simply a rerelease of the VGA remake with compatibility for modern systems? The article was kind of ambiguous...
  11. Wow! And here I thought that all the Space Quest fans I'd encountered were beyond puberty!
  12. Great story man, brings back fond memories of my brother and I begging our dad to call the Sierra hint line for us. Ah, good times. It's funny, but I really can't remember how exactly we figured out those puzzles in Space Quest 2. I think the berries was the result of us looking at the creature when we walked onto the screen. Holding the gem in Roger's mouth was the result of much trial and error...I think we must have tried "going it alone" in the dark five times before we figured it out. :D
  13. Eh, to each their own I suppose. I personally find them incredibly cute. Maybe it's the fluffiness.
  14. Uggs are cute, so I disagree with you there. Slippers or socks are a no-no however.
  15. Hoooooollllleeeeeeee sheeeeeeeeep.....When the heck did this happy? I'm getting light headed reading this, just....whoa....This is really weird. But I'm happy! Can't wait to see more about how this goes!
  16. It's funny, but I never really had that problem with the parser games. And most of the times that I typed something wrong, I got a good laugh out of the "Nope, try again." messages.
  17. Definitely agree about the point and click interface. The graphics also made a huge difference; now you could see that piece of glass on the ground! And the widget made the slots a snap, unlike the original where you had to hope for the best or curse your way to fortune...
  18. It's the number of degrees that it will rotate. EG 360 will rotate to exactly the same position, 180 halfway, 90 a quarter, etc. I started with random numbers at first, but I figured out what it was shortly after learning about degrees and rotation in math class. ;)
  19. Space Quest 1 VGA. Maybe it's because I played it after having beaten the original SQ1, but it felt like it was both easier and shorter. Again, probably has something to do with already knowing the solution to 99% of the puzzles. Space Quest 3 was a definite runner up. I don't know why people say that it's a short SQ game, it's overly long in my opinion. But it's also easy, so I suppose that makes up for. Really the only part about it that I found difficult was the robots at the end. (And sometimes the dogfight portion, but nine times out of ten that's a cakewalk for me.) Bleh, SQ5 f
  20. I don't know, when my brother and I played SQ2 we had no trouble figuring things out. Sure we died several times before we got the solutions, but it wasn't ridiculously hard. Maybe we still had our attention spans back then, before the introduction of the FPS genre. And UHS. Heh. For instance, we must have died about six or seven times trying to get the gem before we realized you had to HOLD BREATH. And maybe four times in the caves before we realized you had to PUT GEM IN MOUTH. Terror Beast? Psh. Exit the screen and go back, he's gone. Puzzle? Useless item. Throwing rocks at the ape man
  21. I think SQ6 was the hardest. I need to replay it, but from my recollection of it, it seemed kind of out there with some of the puzzles, and the story as a whole seemed very, very different from the others in the series.
  22. Whoa...I've never seen this before, what is it? Could it possibly be the copy protection in SQ4? I've never actually played a version that had it. :oops:
  23. Yeah man, screw Jess for not updating the Broomcloset! I mean look at Frans, he's updating Spacequest.net daily with all the exciting new events that are happening in the Space Quest commun-OH WAIT! Seriously, if you're so pissed off that SQ is "dead", why don't you just move on and go find something else to occupy your time? Those of us who still enjoy Space Quest will continue to discuss it here. Get over yourself.
  24. @ Datadog: You're right about SQ 3 and 4 being different from the others. It seems like the rest of the series exists in its own little universe, while these two actually acknowledge that it's nothing more than a silly sci-fi parody series. It's kind of interesting, now that I take a look at it. All this talk has really got me itchin' to play through the series again. :D
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