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  1. Clones are boring and overused. Look at Star Wars, how many times in the Expanded Universe did they write the Emperor coming back to life? It's silly. Space Quest 2 showed us exactly how clones are used in the SQ Universe: weaponized insurance salesman. Genius.
  2. Negative. You were on the right track with the Skull Fighter, but it's not from Space Quest 3.
  3. Sorry, but you're incorrect. And your image is from Space Quest 1. Outside the Deltaur.
  4. Aye, because posting on a message board is my profession. Take off mate, I'm sorry I can't post back immediately to your little game. Good luck.
  5. I've never heard of it. I don't think it's a book that was officially commissioned, like the hintbooks and such.
  6. Not if we want Roger to continue existing. ;)
  7. Well that's what you get when you have the spelling and sentence structure of a teenager. As for Stellar, she was "uninteresting" simply because Space Quest 6 was a lame duck as far as the story went. It had a lot of potential, but it felt like it dragged on in the beginning, and it never really lived up to the potential. Which is especially sad given it had such a cliffhanger ending.
  8. Holy smokes, thanks for posting that Sledgy. I'd completely forgotten about those. Dang, I remember when those contests were first held.
  9. Nor would I ever want there be one. We have Galaxy Quest and Titan A.E., those are good enough for me. You don't like Stellar? Why not? I rather liked her, though her appearance was rather sudden. It'd be nice if we learned more about her history with Roger. Edward Norton could work. Might have to lighten his hair a bit though. If we want an older Roger, Denis Leary could work nicely, though again, he's older than Roger by a good ten to twenty years. Nathan Fillion would also make a rather dashing Roger Wilco.
  10. Awesome, thanks for posting this! I've never used any 3D modeling software, but I'd love to try this out!
  11. It would seem that way. See, that's what got me wondering, since I only ever played the CD version. My dad bought the CD-ROM version of SQ4 back in...1997? It's the Sierra Originals version, too. Didn't come with much in the way of documentation, and there was certainly no copy protection included, since the CD covered that. The other version I have is the Space Quest Collection one, but I think that's the CD version as well.
  12. Perhaps it's the color scheme, but the background makes the whole image look very busy. The pulseray model looks a little chunky, and the Sarien's skin appears a little too scaly. SQ1 VGA made their skin out to be relatively smooth, if slightly muscled. The armor looks good though.
  13. Ah. Well go see Midnight in Paris, Wilson's performance is excellent, and it's 100% Stiller free. Actually, quite a few of Wilson's movie aren't related to Stiller. Pine could possibly make a decent Roger Jr.
  14. Ben Stiller? What? Where does he come into any of this? As for Beatrice, a little bit of thinking made me consider Renee Zellweger, though she could also work well as Flo. Nick Frost could also work nicely for Elmo Pug, Paul Bettany as the Endodroid, and Carrie-Anne Moss as WD-40. Hugo Weaving should be Admiral Toolman. Strangely, I can't think of anyone to play Stellar. Chris Pine...eh. I liked Star Trek, but he just doesn't feel right for Roger. As for Galaxy Quest, it was a great movie, and while I don't think it was inspired by Space Quest, it's as close as you'll ever come
  15. Given how video game movies have turned out, it would be most certainly something other than "awesome". I think it would be more along the lines of something that starts with a "sh" and rhymes with "mite"... In any case, who should play Roger is something I've thought often on during my time watching movies. I always remember the SubChan favorite was Jim Carey, which I simply couldn't understand. Aaron Eckhart could definitely pull off the Roger look, but I'm not sure he'd be a good fit for our bumbling hero. However, Owen Wilson is more accustomed to handling the idiot ball, though he la
  16. Yes, I remember that you find the codes for the mall and SQ1, I suppose I should have phrased that as "the code for Space Quest X". I'm planning to go back and play through the series again soon, so I'll see if the "third code automatically works" theory holds water. As for the Sequel Police talking, that scene still makes so little sense to me. Still, I suppose it's plausible that they were too busy conversing to notice Roger, or that he simply moved too fast for them. Besides, it's kind of funny to think that the Time Pods are locked once an occupant is inside it, which would mean that
  17. (I'm positive that this question has been answered at some point, and I'm almost 100% positive that I was the one to ask it, but what the hey, I'll ask it anyway.) How was the player supposed to discover the correct time codes once they've stolen the Time Pod in Space Quest XII? Was it merely trial and error, or were they supplied in the game's documentation? I remember playing it by trial and error when I first played it, but (thankfully!) we had the good sense to write down the code for the twelfth realm-er, game. Naturally it's a non-issue for me now, as my manual has every time code i
  18. I don't know specifics, but that was one of the versions of the SCI engine. You should check out AGS if you're interested in a similar engine though.
  19. Damn, nice work. Hearing Garry's voice with the apeman's face made me think of Planet of the Apes. The old one I saw when I was a kid, not the new one.
  20. Fair enough. Just so you know, you can edit your posts. Helps keep things a little cleaner than making individual replies for each and every post.
  21. Collector nailed it on the head. I frequent Deviantart, I see enough of my favorite characters frakked with there, filters on and all, thank you very much. I grew up with Space Quest, I'd prefer not to see it get "Rule 34'd". I've never seen any such art on DA, and I sure as hell didn't expect to find it here. Ah well, I'm on the internet, I should expected as much.
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