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  1. Datadog: There is no game right now. Other kickstarter projects are similar to this: until they get kickstarter funding the project hasn't really started yet... there's no funding. Since this is a kickstarter project to see if they can raise the funds to start a game project: Right now they're just bouncing ideas around, getting feedback from fans, and hoping that this project gets greenlit! The general idea is: You are supposed to find out about the games that the Two Guys from Andromeda did in the past. Then you are told that they are making a new game, and have some great ideas,
  2. Twitch has chat, plus a nice graphical presentation area to share. Also it is meant to work like your own private (pirate!) TV channel. Perhaps if the Two Guys don't want to put on a 24 hour marathon (3 guys on 8 hour shifts? LOL!) then we can get the 'Pirates of Pestulon' or some fans to do stuff on twitch.tv in between. Not sure if you can switch who controls what.... RDC or VNC into the PC running the show I guess.
  3. Anyone leave their computer on all the time? Could do this: Set up a Twitch.TV room with something running, like a quick n' dirty SpaceVentures screensaver. Then we could all hang out in the twitch.tv chat as the last two weeks tick by. It's going to be a wild ride! I haven't watched a full kickstarter campaign till this one... it's exciting to watch! The marathons are my favorite part so far.
  4. One example of a nice thing that fans don't seem to appreciate: the HTML5 demo. No one had to do this. It was above and beyond. It's not necessary. PLUS they're doing videos and podcasts. And interviews. So any complaints about the HTML5 demo are again, IMHO, disrespectful. The got a lot of flak for it, for a gift to the fans! I don't understand it.
  5. For another point of view, I'll have to give my own. I disagree with making wild changes. The simple reason? This is a kickstarter project and it doesn't work like that. Kickstarter projects are one-shot deals, or you have to start another project. So every one of us visited the page for the first time, and decided to make a pledge. Fans of the game will make pledges, people who are fans of adventure games, and games in general. Sci-fi fans who don't play games might support it. Fans of comedy support it, because let's admit, it's hilarious. Some people just aren't ready to be 'r
  6. That web comic was great today! It was a parody of XKCD as far as I could tell. Most people write off XKCD as a kids-only comic, but some of them are good! It's funny because just imagine how good it would be if they spent more time on their 'style'. XKCD could compete with Dilbert! The prototype 2 was awesome! Exactly how I imagined it. There's no need to 'prototype' adventure games on anything but HTML5 now (Flash is a piece of cake in comparison) so it's fun to see how their HTML/Javascript is coming along. It's the most platform-independent platform right now, so it's exciting
  7. Any marathons tonight? I'll check the backer's comments...
  8. Backup Plan for a Virtual Convention: I recommend World Trivia Champion Lite! We've had 50 online at once, so 200 should be no problem. It's got full chat, and it's massively multiplayer, so it's loads of fun if you know other players. Also it's free! The trivia crowd is online at nights Tuesdays, Wednesday, Fridays and Saturdays, so it's usually jumping. As an interesting side note, Ken Williams likes to play and has even added a few trivia questions! It's available free for iPhone, iPod and iPads at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/world-trivia-champion-lite/id516331685?mt=8
  9. There's lots of cool stuff going on. In addition to the whole HTML5 version of Prototype 1 (which was complete and playable!) there is also the Sarian.net website for multiplayer through the original games. I'm hoping to play someone in Gold Rush one of these days... For a convention, Sarian.net could make a new game: basically a few custom rooms. A few custom characters to pick from (like Red/Blue/Gold Shirts + male/female + hair color) and we could do a cool SpaceVentures Virtual Convention for the kickstarter. Is there chat on Sarian.net? It could be added quickly.
  10. Yeah, also the Tex Murphy tiers look really good. Maybe offer more branded/personalized items and create new tiers! Also, the new tiers don't have to include all the previous. Not sure who came up with that one. I want a SpaceVentures mug!
  11. Based on how many watched the marathon, we'd probably get 100-150 people online at once! That's a lot of Rogers! LOL
  12. I think it's recorded on twitch.tv on JohnnyPhantom's channel. Weekends are great for marathons! I vote for a marathon every Saturday. I'd like to see the remakes played too, since I haven't played em.
  13. I hope there's another podcast today! That would help. Also would like to see more scheduled marathons. Those are fun to do and participate in. Some people missed the last one. I think the backers can help spread the message: let's make sure these fun adventure games come back and because there is enough people to support the game development. There's no questioning the intent of the Two Guys, or the game they can make, and it will be great, so it's an easy pledge! As for the current backers: they're getting a lot more pre-development/design content that hasn't been green-
  14. I'm a fan of the kickstarter campaign! Someone else mentioned it too: it's just about one of the best ones that has been run! For example: it started with the kickstarter page, and it was loaded with pencil sketches, not to mention the video. Then these pencil sketches came alive via the game prototype! Good stuff
  15. I think to support all platforms, an HTML5 version will be needed at some point. Also it plays good!
  16. Those would be cool! I would like to see them play them 'in character' as the Two Guys, like the Siskel & Ebert movie review video they did as the Two Guys from Andromeda.
  17. Couple ideas to get the word out: Submit story ideas to publications: tell them the classic adventure games are coming back! And, if they want to talk to people running a project, check out this project! For those who didn't play the original games, I compare it to Galaxy Quest. It's hilarious, makes jokes about the Science genre. "Look around you, see if you can form a rudimentary lathe." From now until the end of the kickstarter: tweet something about a game memory. The secret message font in AstroChicken's secret message was really cool. The space ports were fun to explore, wh
  18. I think the 'AdventureGamers' website is a production of 'Big Fish Games', that might be why?
  19. The SQ3 teaser scenes really played into that! I remember getting the VHS video of the new Sierra games (by mail, the one featuring KQ4) and seeing that the pod was sucked up by a passing freighter. I couldn't wait to try it! The arcade sequences and especially Astro-Chicken and the Robot Battle at the end were a blast. It was like buying an adventure game and finding a copy of Ivan Ironman Stewart's Off-Road racing built in. I'd come back to those Save Games and replay them! The prototype demo from the Two Guys has that same Space Quest feeling, so it's looking great!
  20. Thanks for sharing that link! Reminded me of Jay & Silent Bob! Jay: All these *** on the internet are calling us names because of this stupid *** movie. Banky: That's what the internet is for. Slandering others anonymously. Stopping the flick isn't gonna stop that. Here's what requests from a rational person looks like: Can you make it available for non-Chrome users? Any chance you can cut down on the death scenes, no matter how hilarious? Can you reveal the plot of the adventure game yet? Instead we have posts demanding information now. People complaining that the video
  21. Their kickstarter project is now 100% funded! Woot!
  22. I recall KQ5 having a pure point-and-click interface. For the iPad or Android tablets, that should be fine. The only text I can think of would be for the Save Game. So it definitely would work OK, for classic adventure games with a pure P&C (tap and drag/tap+tap, etc). Based on the 'install base' I think the PC market would be #1, followed by iPad #2, followed by Mac OS X at #3. The iPad is huge, it's Apple's #1 'computer' that they sell, many times over the Mac. Combine that with the fact that it can be played on the iPhone... (although it might be too small).
  23. What made Space Quest special to you? For me, it was: 1. The games were funny! As a kid, I enjoyed the humor more so than LSL, which was over my head! 2. The box art was great! It stood out at Software Etc. It was like Star Wars. 3. There was no 'Star Wars Adventure Game', so it was something that was new, but similar to what I wanted. 4. This was before 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' so it also reminded me of 'Star Trek TOS'. 5. Other games like KQ had you play as a specific character, but Roger was generic enough that I could see me as Roger. It seemed more immersive. 6. It wa
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