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  1. I.. Am. Stunned.. at how good that is, Mr. Oh!!!!!
  2. *Had to seperate the threads out because the other thread how too much media for my rank, hah* I keep noticing on the Kickstarter comments page that people are losing track of all these great posts and blog articles that are in need of being upvoted by us dedicated fans so here we go: *I'll add to it throughout the next 5 days, of course* http://raptr.com/gam...ery=space quest this one needs some love. It only has 7 upvotes! http://digg.com/news...ming_in_the_80s YET ANOTHER KEN WILLIAMS ARTICLE ABOUT THAT INTERVIEW DAMN, SONS! UPVOTE THESE ALREADY! http://news.ycombina...item?
  3. Welcome! Just trying to do my part for this awesome occasion! Also; Feel free to add links to articles needing upvoting if you don't see them here! I'll integrate them ASAP
  4. Hi, Fellow Andromedians!, Since we are down to the wire I've been going through Mr. Homn and S.D's thread of Forum links to hit up and I noticed an alarming amount of them aren't updated with the CURRENT INFO for this CAMPAIGN so here is a good Promotional block of text containing all of the latest and greatest info which will be updated in the next few days. IT is now MORE IMPORTANT than EVER to make sure that everyone who can possibly know, knows about all the great features and rewards that this campaign and game to be will have to offer so go forth, SOLDIERS! FOR ANDROMEDA! Pleas
  5. Okay; I was thinking we should take this mass tweeting of relevant people to the next level so here I'll start a list of famous sci-fi/gaming/nerdy personalities to organize a bigger mass tweeting in the next few days: *Note: please feel free to add to this list as I'm just starting it off* Neil Patrick Harris Olivia Munn Joss Whedon Carrie Fischer Levar Burton Brent Spiner Nathan Fillian William Shatner Seth Green The other creator of Robot Chicken Seth Mcfharlan Pendleton Ward (adventure time) Craig McCracken & his wife Lauren Faus:t (powerpuff girls & My little P
  6. Yes, and at the end the clip of the voice actor/actress and maybe a segue into the 2guys KS pitch with a Link to the Kickstarter. Would you be up for doing it, Pcj?
  7. Sooo does anyone have the video editing talent to do something like this because it really is a great idea.
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