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Found 2 results

  1. I had one of my crazy ideas today. Hearing The Two Guys comment on each of the original Space Quest games was a fun thrill. However, today it dawned on me that it had been over a year since I played "The Big Three", i.e. the three Space Quest fan games that came out around the start of 2012 - Space Quest: Incinerations, Vohaul Strikes Back and Space Quest II VGA. In fact, I only played the two first as betas and, yeah, I've taken SQ2VGA for a spin around the block a few times, but not in one solid stretch. Not to mention the two Pledge Quest games. So maybe you've already guessed what
  2. Hey, gang! Just a reminder that the Second Superfan Hangout is today -- Saturday, June 9th -- at 2:00 PM Eastern/11:00 AM Pacific. We'll be playing Space Quest fan games this time, with several fan game designers on hand to discuss their work. Rumor has it that we might even have a super-secret surprise guest join in on the fun. As always, we're there to get the word out about the Two Guys' SpaceVenture. If we happen to have a few laughs in the process, all the better. :) More details are here; we'll get a link to the live YouTube stream up as soon as it's running. UPDATE:
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