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I had one of my crazy ideas today. Hearing The Two Guys comment on each of the original Space Quest games was a fun thrill. However, today it dawned on me that it had been over a year since I played "The Big Three", i.e. the three Space Quest fan games that came out around the start of 2012 - Space Quest: Incinerations, Vohaul Strikes Back and Space Quest II VGA. In fact, I only played the two first as betas and, yeah, I've taken SQ2VGA for a spin around the block a few times, but not in one solid stretch. Not to mention the two Pledge Quest games.


So maybe you've already guessed what I had in mind. Instead of just playing them again by myself, I thought it'd be a perfect opportunity to make a public ass of myself again. And I'd always loved to pick the brains of the wonderful people who made them.


I was thinking of maybe firing up a trio of Google Hangouts at selected times and inviting the clever, creative minds of the fan games in to join me on a play-through commentary. Chris Ushko (and whoever wants to butt in) for Incinerations; Frederik Olsen and PCJ (and whoever wants to butt in) for VSB; Blackthorne (and whoever wants to butt in) for SQ2VGA. I'm just mentioning these people because they've been in Hangouts before. Oh yeah, and while we're at it, why not take a marathon stroll through Pledge Quest I and II with DecafJedi and Akril? Could be fun.


Only question is, of course, would they be up for it? Consider this an open-letter invitation. I'm thinking of weekends. Weekends are good.


Personally, I'd really like to start with Incinerations. It's the one that's been the longest. Chris, when's good for you? Huh? Huh? ;)


Edit: We would, of course, be live-streaming these babies on YouTube for the world to see and laugh at.

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I've been wanting to do something like this, but personally, I'd rather start with VSB. It'd be nice getting the whole team together for that. As for the the "when", I'll have to keep you posted for when I spot a gap in my schedule.


I wouldn't mind sitting in on commentary for the actual non-fan-games as well. I'm surprised we haven't jumped on a community "Let's Play" yet.

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That's awesome, guys! Really happy you're on board with the idea. :)


I see what Chris is saying about VSB. And I realize there will be quite the overlap between the VSB and Incinerations commentaries. You can fight amongst yourselves who wants to show up for which commentary -- I'm all for the relaxed atmosphere; meaning, for instance, Blackthorne could sit in on the Incinerations commentary if he wanted to, just as long as we remember what game is in focus. ;)


As for the nitty-gritty: Really, the idea came from me just wanting to play these games again. So I'm thinking, I'll be hosting the Hangout and playing the actual games (start to finish), but it's really you guys I want to hear from. So I won't be mouthing off all the time, like I usually do in Hangouts. Actually, it's kind of like a "commentary /slash/ guide the idiot through my game" situation :) which will give you plenty of opportunity to comment. And also the trick is to get me through the game in 4 hours or less (which is the limit on the YouTube stream).


Hope that all sounds good to you. As for when, well ... here's my dream playlist. Depending on what weekend the VSB guys are free, we can sort of figure out when the rest of you need to think about clearing schedules. ;)


1. Vohaul Strikes Back

2. Space Quest: Incinerations

3. Space Quest II VGA

4. Pledge Quest I & II


(I'm thinking the Pledge Quest games are just the right ones to finish off on. Looking forward to the future and all that. Plus, maybe we can get The Pope to show up for it.)

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I'm sure we can persuade Andres and P.C. to show up along with Chris and I. It'd be great to have Marty in there as well - I'll see if I can get ahold of him. And I would love it if Sam joined; there's lots of pre-production stuff to talk about.


Also, if we've only got four hours, you're going to have to skip the intro.

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And the average LP of SQInc seems to go up around eight hours at a time. I can motor through it in less than an hour, but that's no fun if we aren't all doing the voices. And if you want commentary on the videos, that's a full 47 minutes right there.


Perhaps more than one hangout if it goes over four hours? Or maybe just save and open a new hangout? Maybe edit them together?

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Sounds good to me! Let's talk schedule, here's the current state of my upcoming weekends:


May 18-19: Busy on Saturday, but can most likely do it on the evening of Sunday.

May 25-26: Busy on Saturday, a bit unclear on the Sunday but can probably squeeze it in if needed.

Jun 1-2: Unavailable (in Finland)

Jun 8-9: Free

Jun 15-16: Free

Jun 22-23: Free on Saturday

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June 8 works for me as a date for the VSB commentary.


As for length, I didn't plan on meticulously going through every scene in the games. People have Let's Play's and their own damn free time for that. I want to breeze through the games, but stop and smell the roses whenever the mood strikes us. I don't think we should concern ourselves with trying to cover everything there possibly is to cover, 'cos, er, it's just not possible. And let's leave something in there for future generations to discover as well. ;)

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Man, typing that previous comment from my phone was a real bitch. ;) Let me try that again from an actual keyboard.


I'm fine with firing up the commentary caboose any time you have free time. If we go by June 8 as a starting point, we could try to do one on the weekends from then on. I KNOW we won't be able to do one every weekend, but now that we have an order to go by (I didn't hear any complaints?), we can try to work out what weekends we need to clear out after June 8.


Does that make any sense at all? And if it does, does it sound cool to you?

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Would June 8 be the date for the VSB commentary or the Incinerations commentary?


I vote for the VSB one on Jun 8.


You can do the Incinerations one without me, my involvement in its production was minimal.

Finding my name in the credits was a big surprise, although a pleasant one :D

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Hmm, well, if we do it early enough (Danish time) to perhaps do two Hangouts in a row, I'm game. Even if you run through the game, I honestly don't think one four hour Hangout will be enough. Especially not if you want to make room for commentary.

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