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Space Quest 3 in S-Video (removes dithering)

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I don't know if it's against the rules to plug things, but I just uploaded a video on YT with the entirety of SQ3 running in S-Video, the goal of which is to naturally smooth as much dithering as possible, thereby better simulating an expanded color pallet, done in a manner recordable in decent quality. Unfortunately, my hardware isn't quite where I want it to be for that, my capture card forced its own compression, that, while not terrible, is definitely not great either. Also, I don't have an MT-32, so Sound Blaster 16 will have to do. Regardless, if anyone wants to check it out, well, here you go:





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I don't think it's against any rules; however, visually - for myself, anyway - it looks less appealing. It all looks super blurred to me, rather than the smoother... pixel appearance.


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