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    Aeveral questions about Space Quest.

    I think forum discussions have always been the big thing - even when Sierra Online was still around, they had a great forum to discuss the games. When Sierra folded/got sold, people moved to create their own forums and sites. There's SpaceQuest.net, SierraHelp.com, among many others, where you can still find people talking about Space Quest (and Sierra games in general). I think that's going to vary from person to person. For myself, Space Quest III was the best one (proving better graphics are not everything). But it is closely followed by Space Quest IV, which did indeed have better graphics (and over all a funnier story - but still Space Quest III sticks out to me). As for the appeal - I think, for some (such as myself), it was their first "3D" game. Previous to Sierra Online games, I was playing text adventure games, or games that had a still image with text beneath it, with minimal movement in the images (such as Wizardry I, II, III, etc). These Sierra games allowed you to not only control the character and story - but you were physically moving the character around and interacting with things in the environment. That kind of thing leaves a lasting impression. The story originally was very loose - it wasn't even "Roger Wilco" unless you pressed "Enter" at the "Type your name" screen of the first Space Quest. The story immediately shows that you're a less than capable janitor who finds himself way in over his head, and death is at every corner (and rather than be frustrating, they provided hilarious - often pun like death statements). The "Easter Eggs" of other Sierra games and other SciFi references (and even "slightly renamed" real life references) just added to the off beat humor. There's literally no customization or modding community; unless you count people editing the game in AGI/SCI editors to change trivial things on their own accord. I would say yes, since the SpaceVenture was a successfully Kickstarter - and it's by the same folks who made Space Quest. It began shrinking the day they stopped producing Sierra Adventure games... while many moved to new sites and new forums, and things seemed to be pretty steady, you could see a decline of people who - for whatever reason - if it wasn't on the official forums, it wasn't worth the time. That crowd has been greatly impacted by things like Facebook, which allows for "Groups" to post similar to a forum - so many people have moved away from forum communities to social media communities, unfortunately.
  2. That Roger Wilco voice guy is a bloke. Still can't pronounce Vohaul, that guy... like after sixty different times... ;-) I never finished VSB (add that to about the other 60 PC games I have on GoG, and the 30 XBox One games, that remain unplayed/unfinished) - and if I were to do this all over again - I'd actually play the game - and voice the line as I am playing it so I get all the right influxes. I intentionally played Roger as a "monotone" voice so when the elements of surprise happened, he sounded genuinely surprised - but I thought the monotone brought the less than intelligent vibe that I always imagined Roger had. I definitely made a ton of mistakes, and regret I was a (big) part of the reason this probably never saw the light of day. I dragged my poor wife to do Beatrice's voice - and she's never even played VSB - or even a Space Quest game for that matter. 😜 She's not big on typically wanting to do these things, but I think she indulges me (after 20 years of marriage and putting up with me, I think she just nods and agrees). I dragged her to do my own web series called Neverending Nights and a Star Wars Radio Play I wrote up - neither of which she was thrilled about (and it shows). 😜
  3. I haven't lost hope - but I'd love even small, trivial updates every now and then. Last one was in April. :-(
  4. You should also swing by SierraHelp.com - the forum registration is currently disabled - but if you want to take part on the forum - I'd be glad in helping you create an account.
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    Space Quest title font found! (closest to it anyway)

    I see. I misunderstood. (And the download is available again - from the first link - wasn't when I first tried it - said it was disabled by the user).
  6. Tawmis

    GoFundMe - Save SpaceQuest.Net!

    I love the old stuff - so I would can't my vote to restore it, if it wasn't too much of a headache. For getting the games to work on Modern PCs, you should link to Collector's SHP pages. Looking forward to the new layout and return of the classic!
  7. Tawmis

    Space Quest title font found! (closest to it anyway)

    Well. Here's what it looks like.
  8. Tawmis

    Space Quest title font found! (closest to it anyway)

    Blessed be... if this forum allowed zip files or font files, I'd upload it here.
  9. Tawmis

    Introduce Yourself!

    I mean that's just silly. Because, watch - here's a button! What could possibly go...
  10. Tawmis

    GoFundMe - Save SpaceQuest.Net!

    Sweet. I am so glad it landed in good hands. I was going to offer resuming the site payments and such, or even housing all the content on LarryLaffer.net just so the content wasn't lost. There was way too much there to just throw away.
  11. Tawmis

    Space Quest title font found! (closest to it anyway)

    No. There's a button there (if you sign in) that says "Clone" You can literally clone the font set (it takes like 10 seconds) and download it. I'd attach it to the thread if I could - but it only allows images.
  12. Tawmis

    Space Quest title font found! (closest to it anyway)

    Um - except you can clone it from the site...
  13. Tawmis

    Space Quest title font found! (closest to it anyway)

    Bummer the download is now disabled for that first link.
  14. Tawmis

    GoFundMe - Save SpaceQuest.Net!

    Congrats on the purchase! When we will see the site restored?
  15. Tawmis

    Scariest scenes in Sierra games

    If we're talking scary... I don't think anything beats the crying crib in Phantasmagoria...
  16. Tawmis

    Space Questers on Twitter

    Urmph! Is Ace going to ever be annoyed he was left off this list... https://twitter.com/AceHardwaySV @AceHardwaySV He and Larry Laffer ( @LarryLafferWeb ) have had some "discussions" about cleaning pipes if you know what I mean...
  17. Tawmis

    Neverending Nights

    Egads! I've not been here in awhile... this is outdated. The post talks about redoing Episode 01 in 1080p. I just finished Episode 32 in 1080p (and that marks being half way through the series in doing it in 1080p!) Season 1 in 1080p HD (Episode 01-21) - http://neverendingnights.com/nenvideos/season-01-episode-01-21-1080p-hd Season 2 in 1080p HD (Episodes 22-42, though currently only 32) - http://neverendingnights.com/nenvideos/season-02-episode-22-42-1080p-hd Or here's where they will all be listed on one page (be aware, it's a bit of bandwidth hog because of the thumbails)... http://neverendingnights.com/nenvideos/all-hq-episodes
  18. Tawmis

    Neverending Nights

    If you're ever bored and finding yourself with a lot of time on your hands... I introduce to you a project I started back in 2004 with a friend... It's 64 Episodes of Machinima. http://neverendingnights.com/ If you're wondering what Machinima is, we talk about it here: http://neverendingnights.com/about (along with some of the things we've accomplished!) One of the great things was having Al Lowe (who I think everyone recognizes?) and Greg Johnson (maybe not recognized by people - but you should know about the two funkiest aliens besides the Two Guys - being none other than Toejam and Earl) - Greg was one of the writers (and the voice of Earl, among others, in TJ&EIII). All the videos are available for download here (in various formats)... http://neverendingnights.com/nenvideos (If you hit the videos menu you will also get additional options). If you don't want to download, you can watch them on Youtube: http://www.youtube.c...verendingnights Or even on our FB page: http://www.facebook....ngNights/videos We parody several things and make all kinds of references to other shows, movies, etc.
  19. Spaceflix! - While you're cruising around space with no signal, pay 30 buckazoids a day to have our streaming video service! - If you had signal, you'd see we have a lot of cool movies for you to view.
  20. Pandamonium! - Stream none of the songs you like through our wonderful music app! - You think it's music you don't want to listen to - but we're just exposing you to new things!
  21. SpaceChat! - Record 30 second chats that can't be saved (except on our servers!) - So go on - do stupid things - we promise not to use them against you! - You can trust us!
  22. InstaShame! - Most popular photograph social media app! - Post pictures of yourself, with no shame or regard to anything or anyone!
  23. Spacebook - The most popular social media app in all the Galaxy - Find out what your friends are up to! - See what they're doing when they call in sick and post photos at the Plebeion Beach!
  24. Tawmis

    Any great fanstories?

    I've always wanted to write some Sierra Fanfic... Instead, I did this for Space Quest... "Episode 01" if you will... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--1ioK6ekG0 Episode 02... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpYIMuIhJa0 It was all a test to do machinima using Sierra games... so there wasn't a lot of effort put into it, since it was a test. But still fun to do. Which led me to making these silly videos during the SpaceVenture Kickstarter... Episode 01: Who is Tawmis Vohaul? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PylKTDO5JLQ Episode 02: Guest Stars Mark Crowe & Scott Murphy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SF2XWrndog8 Episode 03: Let's Talk About Cock. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiP0C6x8F6Y Episode 04: The Vlog https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nAV8_pGC-o
  25. Tawmis

    Neverending Nights

    I have made a play list now - that begins with Episode 01 (and currently goes to 03, the newest Episode). Sierra fans (that's you!) should recognize something that's "Sierra Related" in Episode 03... HD 1080p Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Wr4-u9-zw0&index=1&list=PLbRG7dzFI-u3EJd0usasgDrrFO3mZ1lOZ