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SQ4 Kerona Bar - Johnny B Goode?


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So I figured that the tune played at Kerona Bar in the SQ1 sequence of SQ4 sounded very much like Johnny B. Goode, especially the first 20 seconds.


But then I checked and didn't find it ever being mentioned anywhere, and olzen claims it's not the same tune and just generic rock'n'roll.


Whachoo all think? Intentional reference or not?


Here are both tunes for comparison:


http://wiw.org/~jess/multimedia/37-%20S ... isited.mp3



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Not being a musical scholar, I can't say with certainty, but I'd agree with Olzen- It's not the same song at all.


That said, it's clearly influenced- I suspect that the writer of the audio pulled upon his mental collection of generic Rock and Roll songs, as well as listening to a few Key songs. Johnny was likely amoung these keys.


-E "Reminiscent of, but not identical to"

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