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SQ Day // October, 13th


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We don't know when first SQ (SQ1 EGA) was created (what day). We just know it was somewhere in the October. And Scott Murphy was borned in the October too (19xx.10.13)...


So I offer you to think that SQ Day is the October, 13th!!! I.e. it's SQ birthday.



In this day every fan must create some fan creation about SQ. And we'll be the best by voting.



P.S. Everyone can offer what SQ fans must do in the SQ Day

P.S.S. This thread also was opened in the Russian SQ community






Also we can make some special weekly SQ festival. And there'll be some SQ-like.


For example, Roger Day, Fester Day, ... (?)

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SQ Day is coming!!!! 13th october!!!



And it's


SQ Fancreation Competition (SQFanCom) #1


Shortly, to this day we'll create any SQ fancreation! And then we'll choose the best of them!!!



Post yours right here!




P.S. About 13th Oct. It's Scott's birthday. He's the Main Creator of the series. So stop talking and MAKE SQ Fan Things! So they'll be kind of gifts to him!

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All SQ Fan creations were published in the October 11-12-13 are SQ fan works to the current SQ FanCom.


This work can be published in any place in the Net. In any language. They're bidders anyway (if we can find them).



And every year in October,14 we'll choose by voting the best SQ fan work of them.




The first one by Aleksahka


Escape pod from Arcade in LightWave 3D


Posted Image

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