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Space Quest 6 final score.


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I always finished Space Quest 6 with 498 points. Some people said that the maximum possible points are 500.


There is a points list here:





But there are two mistakes:




Go to the Orion's Belt and kick in the basement door - 1


I can't get this 1 point.


Only this one works:


Open the basement door - 3




Untangle the hookah hoses - 3


I only got 2 points for this action.




The maximum possible points are 498 or 500?

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Hi Ripper, This is my first post here and I too ran into the same issue of looking at that points list after receiving the 498 final score. So I copied it and slowly made my way back through the game and made changes and corrections to it to make it flow better. The max score is indeed 498, but with the bug mentioned you can get 501 for the max score.

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IIRC, the points system in SQ6 is bugged up the ass. Sometimes the game won't give you points for an action; other times, it will.


For instance, kicking down the Orion's Belt door ALWAYS gave me points. But the "I got points" noise and the "door busts" noise plays at the same time, so you barely notice.


There COULD be discrepancies between e.g. the US retail and the European version that I don't know about ... other than we got the suckier box cover. ;)


There was an old version where you could get 999 points by revisiting the Isle of Langerhans over and over again, but it never worked in my version.

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Well at least we got to play a game all though it was rushed, it could have been worse they could have canned it. The other thing that sucks is the points bug in the cd-rom version of SQ4 on the xp collectors edition. I had to locate the dos version to be able to get the max points.

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