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Space Quest 1-6 themed texture pack


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Ok,to start off,I know Musical made a texture pack for the SQ1 area of his server.I KNOW.

But what I was planning on doing is make a texture pack,for myself,that I would use.



*instead of one of the paintings being King Graham,it would be Roger Wilco!

*Netherrack would be blackish like Ortega,also the lava,being AGI red


*Other items,such as TNT would be a denoator,pretty much,SQ themed

*Some things would be from other Serria games,and/or just how I would like it.



If you like the idea,say something :D




I will post some pics later:

NOTE:I must download paint.net!

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There is only 1 smile to say how good your Idea for upcoming SQ3 worlds at server.

Are you planning to make any kind of stairs (dark) blue (for texture see SQ2) as most used in SQ seat color (dark will also be good for captains chair at Eureka). And some other kind m-burger green for seats there.



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