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Help with the janitor closet and the vent


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Here's a methodical walkthrough if you're stuck:



  • After entering the corridor from the airlock pick up Rooter
  • Go to the red hallway and get the keycard from the cart. Don't push it, as there's a change it will reset to it's location and can't be pushed again
  • Go back and push the crates (all 4 of them) out of the way.
  • In the closet use the shelf, while holding Rooter, next to a tall crate with your hand and Ace should place Rooter there. It's a bit tricky, as the hotspot is somewhat hard to spot, so if Ace puts Rooter on the ground, just pick him up again and try to get him to the shelf.
  • use Rooter to move the box and look at the workbench as Ace.
  • Before doing anything else, move the can between the red box and the cereal box in order to get a socket. Take glue remover from the upper left and use it on the red box. Get sockets, but don't close the box as that can crash the game. Get everything else you can.
  • Remember to get Rooter with you. Sometimes he has gone back being a toolbox, so either whistle to him or pick him up. Jog back to the red corridor.
  • Push the cart out of the way. Look at vent.
  • Get Rooters head, though at this point you propably have several thanks to a bug. use right socket on Rooters head. Use head on vent to open it. Put head back on Rooter, as otherwise the game can crash.
  • Go to the vent as Rooter. He'll go to the otherside of the steam and you can turn the round handle on the wall to turn it off, so Ace can move forward safely.
  • Go left to the lab, pull the switch all the way.



I hope this helps anyone still having problems solving the demo.


Ahh... So there is quite more to it after all. It turns out, I selected to play as rooter and walked through the steam. Ace follows him without getting hurt by it. Then I opened the lab with the keycard, opened all specimen containers, and it was the end of the demo. I thought to myself, "that was pretty cool, but a bit short."


I didn't have to move crates, stick rooter's head in a vent, or anything like that.

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