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Initial take on demo


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In short, fun parts, and very frustrating parts.

I know I couldn't get through to where other people are talking about, because it just won't do what I want it to do.

Rooter disappears, and I can't find it.

One time I came out of the supply closet, and it showed me coming out of the wall further up the corridor, all the crates were in their former non-moved position, and there were no hotspots.

In the supply room, I can't do anything that does anything. I can't move anything, waking the janitor doesn't, and there's nothing else that I can click on.

Esc to quit should prompt instead of just quitting.


I do like the music and the graphics.

I could do the click and drag, but the hotspots need to be much larger, easier to find.


So, I got in, found the key card, moved the crates in front of the supply closet (eventually), and got in. That's all I could do.

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After finally being able to take some time to really mess with the demo, I found it to be just as much fun as it was frustrating. The frustrations were because of random "buggy freezing" and not so much that I couldn't figure out what to do. But wow, did I feel like a wretched, pathetic nimnal when I realized how easy it was to move those crates, and get Rooter to help out! Certain hotspots were tough to find at first, but thanks to my clever thinking and, uh..cleverness I figured things out!


Overall, it def had that oldschool vibe and I can't wait to play future demos and of course the finished product! :D


** SUPERFAN GUSHING ALERT** I cannot wait to spot things in the finished product, such as my "Personalized Easter Egg", it was honor enough to be a superfan and endlessly threaten and annoy people to pledge and bid to get this thing funded, but to receive IN-GAME ACKNOWLEDGEMENT is an honor my younger self would NEVER have fathomed! ** END FAN GUSHING **

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