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Anyone interested in making an AGS based fangame?


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I started making a template for AGS 3.2.1 because i like the classic point-and-click interfaces.


Anyone interested in working together? Also fine with me if someone wanna use the template for a fork...


I have uploaded all files here if anyone wanna take a look.




(Files also attached to this post)


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Well the only part of the story that is for sure is what we know from the original SQ7 video - Roger seems to be on some desert like planet and in the process (of escaping from there) he straps a Jato-like rocket to his back and wears rollerskates. I want him to eventually escape to a space station in orbit and from there start his adventure. My original idea is that the adventure is not totally linear, a bit like Zak McKracken - travel to many destinations just as you like. I would want it at least a bit less linear than SQ6 which felt a bit like "on rails". the rest is subject to be discussed if anyone is willing to be "somehow" a part of this game.


In my example all backgrounds are 3D rendered in Vue 9.5 Xtreme - not the pinnacle of renderwork so far, but imho fair enough for some backgrounds.


I'd be interested in some Poser 3D model of Roger, that would be handy for cutscenes.


Also I could use help with ripping resources from SQ6 - I think theres loads of useful animations in there that can be recycled for this template. But Im not really a pro in that and dont wanna rip every frame manually.

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