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  1. Whoever does narration for SpaceVenture (or a Space Quest game if it happens), I hope they can do as good a job as Gary had.
  2. Is Replay publicly traded? If so, any shareholders must be absolutely dismayed by Trowe's money-losing behaviour. If I were them - or the Replay board - I'd be looking for a new CEO right about now.
  3. The guy in a trench coat... he wouldn't be an Ogron, would he?
  4. Heh, any chance of a Lego Captain Quirk (or Beatrice, or Stellar)?
  5. Mark Morgan was known to me mostly for Zork: Nemesis, so it was pretty nice to hear some of his motifs used in the Fallout 1 and 2 soundtracks.
  6. Been thinking about doing something related to this, too. Maybe SQ5, as that's my favourite in the series (was thinking of SQ2).
  7. Not really surprising Gemini Rue did so well - and I think Resonance is going to be just as sucessful when that gets released too. Good streak of great games for Wadjet Eye, right now.
  8. Going to be very interesting to see what turns up on the site.
  9. http://bombtastyyumyums.bandcamp.com/album/vohauls-revenge - well, not quite, but definitely some fans there.
  10. There you go Ummm... did you check its credits?
  11. So much new stuff out there. Hope there's more in the near future, too.
  12. Wanting to work on games, but needing artists due to 0% artistic ability, is even more painful...
  13. Really nice work going on with this title! Mucho fun. Looking forward to when the soundtrack gets released too - already got a few pieces (courtesy of Zeek's website), but want the rest - especially "Space Janitor"!
  14. Unless you were to make it like Return to Zork's interface, you'll never get that way. And frankly, perhaps it's just as well.
  15. Honestly, that works quite well. Did they ever use smell in any puzzles? Because as far as I recall, they didn't.
  16. I'd rather see remakes and fangames (or original games, heck!) use whatever works best for them, rather than be hide-bound to one particular style. That said, I'd also be curious to see how one style of game would work if hammered into something completely different...
  17. Quite a fun game to work through.
  18. Origins? I'd say it's nothing to do with the adventure games, but that is clearly supposed to be Roger Wilco. - at the end of this trailer for the game, you quite clearly (but very briefly) see Flo.
  19. If they're still shooting for that then they have 22 days to go.
  20. It seems an odd move for a company that is stylistically more like LucasArts than Sierra - not, I am certain, that Activision would care in any way beyond it making them money! It certainly will be interesting one way or the other, and I'm definitely curious to see what they come up with. I hope it's good!
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