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The mighty buckazoid


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Sometimes there are things that are running jokes, like that you're never supposed to know what state the Simpsons live in (It's Oregon, by the way) or that you never see Wilson's face, but this one has me scratching my head.


Why in the hell does the game only use 1-buckazoid coins?


This is most noticeable in Space Quest IV when you buy the adapter for your laptop. There's a comment in there about putting in every single one of the 1999 buckazoids you need.


Doesn't it seem just ever so slightly inconvenient to have everything in currency of single buckazoids? Shouldn't there be higher value coins, like a 50-buckazoid note or a 100-buckazoid note? It would certainly cut down on that clanging sound in your pocket.

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Well, there's the ATM, so you could perhaps argue that any larger transfer amounts are handled digitally and the coins are just left-over chump change froma nostalgic era?


Okay, yeah, the real reason is that the Two Guys just didn't bother doing more than one inventory item for "moneys," then decided to have a little fun at the admittedly absurd prospect of Roger suddenly carrying around 1,999 buckazoid coins.


(Also, off topic, but I thought the joke about Springfield's home state was that it couldn't possibly be any single one of the United States? :) The movie makes a crack about this when Flanders shows Bart the adjoining state lines.)

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Matt Groening made a bunch of comments about it, and also if they'd ask "Is it Massachusetts" or "Is it Vermont?" then he'd say they were right.


In 2012, however, he did reveal they supposedly lived in Oregon:



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