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Space Quest III Amiga soundtrack

Troels Pleimert

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Hey, guys. I'm giving this a shot on these hallowed forums before I finally cave and just rip the sound from a Let's Play on YouTube.


Because I'm covering the Space Quest III soundtrack on this season of my podcast, I'm very intrigued by the different versions of the soundtrack that exist out there. We all know (I'm guessing) how the AdLib and MT-32 versions sound, because those are readily available for mp3 download from the SpaceQuest.net archives.


But I've been watching a Let's Play of the Amiga version of Space Quest III -- and, knowing a bit about tracker music, I find it really interesting how that soundtrack was adapted for the 4 digital channel Amiga hardware.


So, my question is: Does anyone have a high-quality mp3 rip of the Amiga soundtrack of Space Quest III?


Like I said, I could just rip the sound from a Let's Play on YouTube, but the quality is probably going to suck hard and that would really be my last resort.

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Man, I feel embarrassed -- I must've looked at that soundtrack page a million times while sourcing background music for the podcast, and I never noticed the Amiga theme on there. Thanks, Joe!


But, yeah, if anyone has the rest of the soundtrack, including World-o-Wonders and the Scumsoft hallways in particular, that would be great. Oh, and The Black Hole.

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