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Commercial breaks on the SQHistorian Podcast

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Hey, guys.


I apologize for spamming this forum about the podcast; really. But this time, I have got a creative challenge for you guys.


Listeners of the podcast will already know that all throughout season 1 and for the past two episodes I have used some unused takes from Space Quest IV of Roger Wilco reading product descriptions from the Hz So Good store as commercial breaks.


But, for the upcoming episode 15, I have officially run out of these takes. But I'm not ready to give up the running gag of useless products in the commercial breaks.


That's why I want to solicit ideas from you about products to advertise that don't actually exist. Would any of you be interesting in submitting your faux commercials for idiotic products in the vein of the Hz So Good products for me to use? All you'd have to do is record yourself giving a spiel of a product you've come up with that has some obvious design flaw or which is just simply unavailable for some contrived reason.


And if you actually do have a product (like, a game, or a podcast, or a video series, or something else that would be of interest to our listeners) that you want to push, I would also accept those kind of submissions. (You'll notice I've been plugging some of my favorite podcasts and video series in season 2's commercial breaks.)

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There's a jingle for Soylent Green in Space Quest 6 I could play, but, other than that, they would have to be somewhat sci-fi related to make any sense in the context of the podcast at least. The only ones that spring to mind are the commercials in the drug stores in Omikron: The Nomad Soul, and ... well, they're not really funny at all. ;)

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