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Tool to Acquire in Game Assets from SQ2

Kelly Lawrence

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Hello all! Long time no post. I've recently been working on a personal project that would involve recreating a "room" from SQ2. I would need to get some in game assets to do the recreation. Specifically, art assets (character animations, room background, etc.), words and phrases from the engines player dictionary, and general and room specific narrator dialogue/text.

I've looked into using AGI studio, but it appears I would only be able to get the character animations and player words/phrases. Perhaps I'm missing functionality within the program to get the rest? (Room background, narrator dialogue/text)

If someone might be able to let me know if that's possible to get using AGI Studio, or could point me in the direction of another program or existing resource for that sort of stuff, I would greatly appreciate it!

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All of the assets should be available in AGI Studio. Pictures, Views, everything. There should be a dropdown menu in the resource explorer pane that lets you select between PICTURE, VIEW, LOGIC, etc which creates a new list.


Alternatively, use SCI Viewer (the latest version of which can open AGI games as well as SCI games). http://sci.sierrahelp.com/Tools/SCITools.html bottom of the page.

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I know this is a tad old, but let me know if there is anything specific that you are looking for. I am about 2/3rds of the way through the SQ2 portion of my way to big to ever be accomplished project and I have all the pics, views, and print statements if you need them in bmp format.

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