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  1. Sad indeed. This is why I have been avoiding the internet... Bad news!
  2. Here is an acrostic/limerick/poem for the heroes working to hit 30k comments on the KS project: There once was a group of fans who had produced all of the comments in the lands. regardless of hunger or fatigue they came to the project in need and yielded comments indeed. Thanks to these few heroes, the comments will not be zeroes. our commenting friends will not let us down. They will yack until some of us frown. They are the ones that are never going to stop. Until the SV backers are deemed to be at the top! Ceeding to no-one these overachievers will prevail. many wi
  3. An acrostic view of SpaceVenture: Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe produced one of the greatest game series of all time. The Two Guys from Andromeda wanted to create a funny science fiction game that everyone could enjoy. They Ventured forth and brought all of us gamers hours of enjoyment with the tales of Roger Wilco who was on a neverending quest for truth, justice and clean floors. The original series "Space Quest" unfortunately came to an end when Sierra decided reorganization was the way to go, and it ultimately put an end to the working relationship of the Two Guys. However
  4. OK... Here it is, with help from my Limmerick-fu sensei penguinfan: There once were Two Guys from Oakhurst whose humor caused quite an outburst and then corporate greed killed what they would need to let Roger say what he'd rehearsed.
  5. S.D. I know this one was not directly related to TG, put people need a link to this one as well. http://img844.imageshack.us/img844/4959/sierrax.jpg
  6. Got a tear in my eye. :-) I read it to the Ballad of Jed Clampett (Beverly Hillbillies for those that don't know Jed) and that would work too.
  7. Still 20 miuntes left to pledge higher!
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