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  1. No problem, it played very well and I didn't notice any bugs. It's missing a little humour maybe but great job nonetheless. I wrote a walkthrough for it as I actually found this one trickier than PQ even though there were fewer steps: http://www.2shared.com/file/qai2IwFO/TMCWalk.htmll (It's the link at the bottom just above the file url) I still think it's crazy (awesome) how awesome (crazy) this community is and it just shows how much TGA are worth. I mean, come on, two awesome fan games in a week just to promote some kickstarter? Go Scott and Mark! Jason PS. Not sure how many know about kicktraq but it's an awesome way of seeing where things are going. Scroll down to the bottom and click the tiny link on the left. That'll open the experimental charts including a cool projection cone: http://www.kicktraq.com/projects/spaceventure/two-guys-spaceventure-by-the-creators-of-space-que/ Actually I just saw a comment to the last update mentioning it too.
  2. I created a more first-timer friendly walkthrough together with Akril but I got it to her a couple of hours late for the release. Just thought I should post it here too in case someone would find it useful. As I said to Akril, I don't have any good way to post this or get it out so please, use it as you like B) http://www.2shared.c...1By/PQWalk.html
  3. I'll work on the html + controls and getting started. Unless someone also has a walkthrough and hintbook they're working on and let me know, I'll then start working on those. (HTML so that they can just click on the tgakick or banner link and for screenshots) Also If I could get the original sprites that would be great so I don't have to do screengrabs. More love: Bea's movements are great, especially in the outro. I laughed lots through the whole thing and having the credit card stuck in the door was genius—perfect TGA humour. Someone get these people hired for SV!
  4. It does sound awesome. I like how this guy's as hopeless as roger but has more energy. Twice as much bumbling and this time like you mean it! The whole no need to save/restore for deaths is great too. I guess they took notice from Incinerations. I wonder if they will incorporate it into the next prototype considering they said they would be working on that. I'm super excited about the multiple control too. I can just imaging the possibilities for fun with rooter. Having a companion like that would cut some of the loneliness out of the gameplay too and who knows... maybe they will allow two-computer gameplay where each have control of one of them. I should suggest that when I have the chance.
  5. Found some bugs and have some input. First, that was awesome dudes. :-D Windows 7 Pro x64 If you click the talk icon on the solar system mobile the game crashes with this message: An internal error has occurred. Please note down the following information. If the problem persists, post the details on the AGS technical forums. (ACI version 3.21.1115) Error: prepare_script: error -18 (no such function in script) trying to run 'hMobile_Talk' (Room 2) The tongue and nose icon messages are switched around for the computer. The tongue and eye icons don't do anything on the chair or drawer at least some of the time (didn't test too extensively) It's not too clear how to get out of inventory with your item or that there's an inventory at all. Maybe a permanent 'grab bar' of sorts would be a good indicator and a normal X or OK on the same line as the rest of the buttons. Otherwise I must say that the humour is spot-on and the puzzles were good. I definitely had fun!
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