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  1. If you mouse over the "Guys From Andromeda" menu here at SQN you'll see the links to the other sites. SQN is for the community while guysfromandromeda.com (can we start calling that GFA?) and it's subdomains are for all the official stuff.
  2. Actually they're all called Googlers as far as I'm aware. Get your head out of the gutter. It's pronounced "Streamers" and "Streammasters" of course with the t replaced by a +. *sigh -_-
  3. Then let's come up with our own and start spreading it. My suggestions below: +aggers (pronounced "taggers"....or "plusaggers" if you really want) GPs S+reamers (and the prolific ones we call S+reammasters) Plusmores (or +mores) +lifers (with a pause, not strung together) Vote for your favourite! Or, let me know if there's a poll mechanism we can use if we get some more suggestions. Oh, and the stream is awesome+astic.
  4. ScummVM on Android is great though of course has been tweeked compared to desktop versions. basically you have the choice to move a mouse around and then click (or hold-click for right-click simulation) which makes it easier to pin-point things (pixel-hunting anyone?) or direct tapping. The speed, scaling, and playability are all perfect in my opinion, that coming from beating BASS on it.
  5. He also seems to have a lot of luck going for him—way above average having somehow managed to not be eaten, melted, blown up, shot, frazzled, sliced, diced, clawed to death, squered, roasted, blown off into space, left for an eternity to slumber, dehydrated, strung up, run over, skated over, left in an alternate dimension, shaved, pelted to death, deleted, drowned, choked, dematerialized, digested, depressurized, mutated, impregnated by an alien kisser, left to rot in prison, re-formed, turned inside-out, washed, or to simply even fall off a precipice over the course of his many adventures—while still being someone no one would miss. Maybe she hoped those qualities would stay with the body.
  6. I actually got this game in a preorder deal with the sequel a couple of days ago and started playing it. It's fun so far and the comments on GOG are spot-on.
  7. My list is probably quite different from the crowd we seem to have in here. Regardless, here's a list of suggestions you otherwise might have missed. Caveat: I can in no way claim to be a music aficionado. Animal Liberation Orchestra (aka ALO) Great band with awesome musicians. Their latest album even went onto vinyl. Score. My favourite song is Lady Loop but they've got a lot of great ones. Matt Costa Plays a bunch of stuff with a sound a little like Jack Johnson but where he loves to change it up. Imelda May Both Rockabilly and Soul. Matt Dusk Total swank. Check out Back in Town:
  8. This was an awesome game. The cat was especially well drawn and animated I thought. Well done. Now I just have to figure out how to access that easter egg... :-/
  9. Like the site. But re-living the minute-to-minute feel? shouldn't that be more like second-by-second F5ing? ;)
  10. Both hangouts sound awesome. I'm probably just going to have to watch, but we'll see what happens. Conversing with the 2 Guys would be great.
  11. It wouldn't surprise me as well if a lot of the 10K+ only lurk at the rewards site. The post that got the most comments had to do with Ace's mentor's name because that was engaging. As for the rest, it could be they read the comments from those who get there first, say "I agree with that", smile, and move on. When it comes to the forum here, I think there are a lot of fans who just really aren't into forums. As has been said before too, this is the grunt-work phase. People don't like waiting that long, so they get into other stuff in the meantime.
  12. Your added links look good :-) We'll see if they help.
  13. I also pledged a modest sum and look forward to seeing what they do with it. It looked like the amount they were asking was for the ability to finish it, not the ability to start it from scratch. They also said that the first module (minus the linux module and training materials) will be released for free so that one will probably be relatively short.
  14. I did find it strange that they had set the rewards site up separately. I would think at least a link here for backers who sign in would make some sort of sense since it is the official Two Guys community forum.
  15. Have you tried changing the forum theme? (link at bottom beside the RSS button) Using IP.Board might fix things.
  16. I'll try to pop in for a bit, but it's hectic here right now so it'll depend on how much peace and quiet I have.
  17. Sorry, nothing but a GAME OVER screen coded into that one as well. It's probably possible to keep playing indefinitely if you throw a script in that hacks the players speed from 500 up to something like 2500, though.
  18. Working my way *very* slowly (not because of difficulty but free time) through TM:TPD for the first time. I figured I owed it to the Tex guys B) I also just played the free What Makes You Tick. Turned out to be a good game. Played the demo for the sequel (or first game as the *first* game is described as a prequel) as well and I might buy it. The dialogue is a little rough sometimes but overall there's a neat story and good puzzles to keep you engaged.
  19. Several, but when they don't have one I just feel like kicking them.
  20. Throw a keycard in and I'll see what I can do ;)
  21. My attempt at a SpaceVenture sonnet — Shakespear style: Thine mind might dream of flight and fancy's fronds Whilst impotent thee face reality. A welcome sight now from two without bonds: The fruitage of their minds proclivity. An impasse faced these two with reddened locks; With writ their snorts were silenced, slightingly. With fight and courage mustered up, those blocks Were blasted from the rooftops, smilingly. True patrons pledging payment in advance Would stem all tides of thought t'wards loss contrite. A stage of grand import and tasked finance, shall from reality provide respite. A man named Ace with Rooter by his side Shalt ne'er us fail lest we his skills deride.
  22. Seconded. My mind implodes with anticipation. Thirded. Where's the video Guys?
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