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  1. I'd love to be there, but I'm apparently leaving for China on the 9th... so there goes that idea. I'll probably watch these though, so have at it!
  2. I have actually tried taking a look at this and got a lot of the SQ1 one done. However, I've since had a million and one other things to do and probably won't get back to this for another couple of months when I'm back from China. If I have down time somewhere, I might look at it though. It's been a real pain to extract the image from the pdf (which cuts it into chunks) and put them together into one large one though, just FYI ^_^
  3. Some of my Android apps (some of the free+paid are must-haves): Free: AntTek Explorer — Best file manager available IMHO. Kingsoft Office — Best office app hands-down... and it's free! Kingsoft Clip — Saves clipboard entries. There's a desktop version as well for sending stuff across. Handy little tool. Hacker's Keyboard — Great keyboard, especially using 5-row mode in landscape orientation. Llama - Location Profiles — Keeps track of signal towers for location-based setting for your phone. Great for setting it automatically to silent when you have a meeting schedules and such... GPS Essentials — For playing with your GPS beyond navigation. Geohash Droid — For all your geohashing needs. Zedge — For finding cool ringtones easily. yaaic — IRC client. Evernote/Catch/Google Keep — For taking notes. Google Drive/Dropbox — For your on-line storage. Google Translate — Can translate more than text, e.g. sms and voice. Chrome — ... Feedly/News360 — For reading rss feeds. Go Launcher/Holo Launcher — For changing up the launcher interface. Go is really nice and full of customization, Holo is really streamlined. Wind-up Knight — Awesome runner which really shows off gaming graphics on Android. Free (but have paid version): aCalendar — Best calendar app hands-down. ('+' version is mostly to support the developer.) RealCalc — Scientific calculator. (Plus version adds some extra calculation modes and a landscape layout.) HomeFlip — Sidebar app manager for quick-switching between apps. (Full version enables some extra customization.) Archos Video Player — For all video playing needs including flv (Full version removes adds) Moon+ Reader — Best eBook reader hands-down. (Pro version adds a PDF module, note-taking, and a million other things.) Paid: PowerAmp — My favourite music player. There are awesome free ones, but none that cover everything like this one does. For a free one I'd probably suggest doubleTwist or the free version of either WinAmp or Rocket Player, but none are as good.
  4. Where's a Vohaul the Catbot to send in when you need one.
  5. I think Frede was more referring to the way it was made rather than the actual content, though that plays a part as well. You're, of course, welcome to enjoy it.
  6. Sent some recordings, let me know if you want tweeks to something or think I should try for one of the other characters.
  7. Do you need help? I've got a nice ATR2100 with a pop filter sitting on my desk right now...
  8. As long as there's a tongue and a nose icon I'm good.
  9. Hmm... have you tried Stacking yet? It's something completely different and a very nice adventure game from DoubleFine. To the Moon is also a kind of adventure game but calling it an interactive story might be closer to the mark.
  10. It does look nicer for sure, but I think Deponia's very cartoony fits it much better than a more *realistic* look like this would. Why? Because of the ridiculous things Rufus somehow manages to survive... and the ridiculous things in general there are in that game. I'd rather something *fits* than just looks good. I wonder how a game with every scene a Rembrandt in high-res would turn out... That said, I think this will turn out exactly as the Two Guys envision it... perfect. And eminently playable.
  11. Have fun everyone! I'll be partying with some friends of mine in Jutland so I won't make it. Die a few deaths for me if you're playing one of those games. :)
  12. I finally ended up going for the vinyl. I cancelled my pledge to another project in the process. Now I'm happier. :D Wish I could be part of Space Questin' too but that would require the added expense of getting a trombone. Yes, that's what I play(ed).
  13. From that site on closing down this comment was offered: Which brings us to 2013, Sierra having gone belly up, and us jumping for joy in this Year of the Adventure Game Revival :-D
  14. So, I have them on my drive now. First dropbox was down and then the combined zip I downloaded ended up corrupted....twice. It's good now so I'll see what I can do. First though, some notes: Next time you scan, scan to TIFF. I'm having to extract the background image (which is cut up due to the PDF format) into photoshop and then combine the pieces into one big file. This is a very resource-hungry and processor intensive task when the image is this big. The person who touched it up for you before probably ended up with the lower resolution because he did a simple 300 dpi export from your PDF, which is set to A4 size, instead of doing the extraction as mentioned above. Also, half the current resolution is good for normal poster-size prints (roughly 3'x2' at 300dpi) And a question:How much of the rough edges do you want to retain? Do you want it clean or do you want the box-art look?
  15. And the hammer drops. Whether or not an individual considers something art has to do completely with their perspective :) Okay, I'm done now.
  16. An excellent corollary :)
  17. This could be considered "profoundly elegant" vulgarity (and hence an art form). I will continue to call it disgusting. I will agree that the degree and type of elegance required may vary. For example, a child's stick-figure family portrait drawing/painting is art by virtue of the relative elegance of a child's imagination and ability to express their thoughts/ideas/emotions through drawing/painting, even if that only applies to the parent or friend it's presented to. To someone else it may just be a bunch of scribbles or paint splatters. In other words, the difference in what people consider "profoundly elegant" in largest part depends on the value they attach to those things.
  18. I will respectfully disagree to this blanket description. If I tell someone: "It's cloudy today." I have expressed myself. That makes it human expression, but not art. It could be made into art if the wielder of that particular expression paints a background and writes those words across the sky, or if it's a particularly witty retort to someone asking "What's with that attitude?" or something much better, or if it's encoded using an impressive algorithm, or anything else that the wielder could be proud of. Again, very subjective, but there are rules. Disclaimer: IMHO
  19. I shall take a gander and see what I can do. I have some experience cleaning up old photographs and editing wedding pictures (removal of spit from one of them was fun...).
  20. My thoughts exactly; though in my case I was/might still be good at it. My idea is more: Art is the production of profound elegance. This means what one persons deems art can be different from another (seen in practice) and that anything can be turned into art if the crafter is willing to become an artisan (whether that be an arrangement of flowers or a particularly beautifully laid-out circuit board).
  21. I think the first 3D game that actually wowed me with it's graphics was Powerslide (released in 98) I was so happy to find it on GOG. It's kind of like skiing, in a really souped-up car, trying to win fruit by coming in first place.
  22. Google Plexers it is. Feel free to use it in all future posts.
  23. Oh man, talk about manly tears. They go, "Here, have a nice story about childhood friends that grow up and get married. Sweet story, right? They're such a cute couple. Now here's a knife to stab yourself in the heart with. Are you done yet? Make sure you get it reallly deep and twist a couple of times. Great. Now we can start with the rest of the movie."
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