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  1. 99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer! Scott downs one, but he's only begun, 98 bottles of beer on the wall! ... 1 bottle of beer on the wall, 1 bottle of beer, Scott downs it, then throws a big fit, There're no more bottles of beer on the wall...
  2. Two Guys Andromeda Galaxy Space Venture Capitalist Pig Snout Oink
  3. A mere fourty-five hundred dollars more to go. That first goal we'll reach. ;)
  4. 0 seconds on the clock. Promises not yet fulfilled. Could there be some writer's block? Or maybe Roger had them killed. After all, it was their turn.
  5. I call this one.. Kickstarter Detox FUNDING SUCCESSFUL adorning the page, Now what to do? The backer count stuck at ten-eight-oh-nine, Making me blue. F5
  6. Hmm.. had to post this one too: In a dark oppressive place Two Guys were slaving, Trying to appease the fans they'd rustled up. Would they bow to the pressure? And get their fifth instalment done? We wait patiently, with death sequence in hand.
  7. Haiku time! Dedicated to commenters... Cold and alone, waiting— ---Will wants desired prevail? Comment here for warmth.
  8. It's like a really difficult section in any good adventure game: You trudge through it just looking for a way—any way—out. And when you finally do figure it out, you do a little dance. You're the master of the universe! Of course anyone who might happen to see you in celebration mode just thinks you're a doofus. They probably did already but your #epicfail attempts to Bust a Move™ have now confirmed it. You don't care though, because it felt good. (Okay, maybe you care a little.) All that feverish struggling is lost from memory and now that section seems easy. In fact, bring on the next challenge! Well, maybe after a quick nap.
  9. Well said. I actually *cough* downloaded the code for LCA4 to see if I could find a code for beating the Cluck Y'Egger game and man, that is beautiful code. It is not an understatement to say that those guys over at Q42 are codemasters. It not only functions perfectly, it's actually pretty to look at. I salute them for their "pioneering spirit". On a side note, I couldn't find a code. Was that just a red herring from Space Pope or are my html5 dissection skills woefully inadequate? (Could be both I suppose.)
  10. Posted with permission: Riggo / Speedster1: There once was a game dev named Scott who at noontime rolled out of his cot. When this guy was upright, off-beat wit shone so bright, that millions of space games were bought. Speedster1 / Me (nockgeneer): An artist named Mark had a pen That outdrew all the others and then Some drawn slime ate it up. it reared up and said 'sup? And he screaming ran out of his den.
  11. The Andromeda Triangle sounds a tad tough But the Andromedan people had had enough They punched in the numbers, and made a new goal To crunch the ol’ triangle under their sole They powered the quark drives and sped off to purge The world of the triangle’s terrible dirge It was that bad place where good things went away Now it's the mem’ry they pushed back that day
  12. This one's dedicated to the Kickstarter comment hoard members: The campaign was over the hump But it was hard to stop making it bump Just passing the time Fielding comments sublime Old notes falling into the sump
  13. That it is. I compared it to a recording and the sound is really close. It could also be that the syx file wasn't being sent properly for playback. Like I said, it's a little tricky to get running 100% on some systems. Sounds like I will have to post that guide... Maybe tonight.
  14. Okay, time for another song. I'll see what I can do about singing/chords (not much exp. there) but as it is you can sing it to The House of the Rising Sun by The Animals. ...Gilligans Island works too... and Amazing Grace for that matter. It's a draft that I might polish up later but hopefully it's usable for now. The Ballad of Andromeda: The galaxy Andromeda: A place of fame of lore. From there two guys with porcine snouts Came seeking fame once more. And though they could not stop for breath, Space Pope—he helped them cope, While fighting up to the top of this Oh so slippery slope. “How can we get this Venture made?” So came the baleful cry! “We need some way to kick-start things.” “I know! Let's eat some pie!” With sugar needs well satisfied, They starting making plans. Things started clicking into place, And there they were, the fans. Now problems came, they were not few, How would they deal with those. Banding together's the only way To end such foul repose. Videos, adventure games, Art, comics, beer and drink. An Ace was rooted from the sleeve To pull back from the brink. The galaxy Andromeda: A place of fame of lore. From there two guys with porcine snouts Came finding fame once more. This tale we tell while we await Many more phenomena From the snout-nosed ones we all know as: Two Guys from Andromeda Two Guys from Andromeda
  15. Okay, guess I too should contribute: The attempt of the century: reunite Two guys from Andromeda—you heard that right. Their wounds all a'healed, Their minds so congealed, They made known their most perilous plight. A campaign to raise oh some money, yes please. Then terrible gaming they'll bring to it's knees. With, yes, some bumbling, And also stumbling, They'll our cry for adventure appease. As the pledges progressed, our blood it did boil, As the makers and fans in tandem did toil To scale that big wall Of trolls, mighty tall, That caused all the fine pledges to roil. Cluck Y'Egger do please, come and lighten our load! We cannot yet see the sweet end of the road. We need more fan games! Go spark some new flames! And make the comments section explode. But conquer we did! All the ones who entailed to blast our Ace into space as one unveiled. The man so true, And rooter too, They give cry that in might we prevailed!
  16. I had fun setting up an MT-32 emulator (munt) recently. Might post a guide later on...
  17. Just wanted to give you proper props for a well-deserved job well done ;-)
  18. Playing it again I agree, the password stuff was funny. "Hey, try this! No? Oh well, guess you're just a failure after all." lol It was also good work in general which is why I included it in "two awesome fan games". There was a post by S.D. in the SpaceVenture comments section that summed it up nicely: That's right SpaceQuest / SpaceVenture fans; you rock!
  19. In case you can't tell, I love xkcd. Here are his thoughts on it: http://xkcd.com/934/
  20. Check the latest comments on the KS page for info on payment. Basically, they haven't accepted it yet. Just be patient :-)
  21. It would be cool if it was in Margaret Atwood meter but that's a lot of changes as I don't know if I want that. *tears up as he reads it once again* :')
  22. Noticed a link on the new Browncoats story page :o http://paper.li/RedDesilets/1322658326#!stories
  23. I don't recall getting points or awards for dying in SQ6... :-D Anyway, we're almost there with tgakick.com!
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