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  1. As far traditional adventuring goes the first two are the best on the series. The later games do lose some of their charm because of the 3D and action adventuring. But even the later parts do have enjoyable moments in them.
  2. So, I pretty much guessed it already, but the Broken Sword has returned with a Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/165500047/broken-sword-the-serpents-curse-adventure It's in traditional point and click style in the vein of 1 and 2 this time and it does look pretty sweet.
  3. It will be interestig to see if the Guys do manage to get the other stretch goals after they release the concpet art 5. It's a good thing they are taking their time with it, polishing it up, in order to get more flys to the honey.
  4. To satisfy my need for keycards I usually pickpocket hotel guests.
  5. So they've doing what all the cool kids are these days :D Unity seems to be quickly growing into defacto engine of indie games.
  6. The opening set in Xenon in SQ4 has always appealed to me. You dodge danger after another, solve some puzzles and then you stumble to the time machine in true Roger style without good grasp on what you are doing. Plus there's a lot of stylish graphics there.
  7. Speaking of TSL and Phoenix, are they doing their new game with the engine they made TSL in?
  8. Seeing those AGI screens makes me really hope for the proto5 to gather in enough money for the Guys to make the alternative EGA graphics.
  9. Having visited the backers only site the first time today, I have faith that the final concept art is going to be awesome. And I agree with MusicallyInspired. I don't care for TSL either, thought I was enthustiastic about it when it was announced the first time. They did drop the ball with the game IMO. But they do have my respect for pulling it off, considering all the hassle they had to go through.
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