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  1. Black and white is always a good choise for fashion, so why not for art.
  2. Soccer, the sport that is so boring that the audience is forced to riot. but anyhow, what would be really nice to see at SVrewards site would be somekind of do's and dont's of adventurere game programming in Unity or something like that.
  3. If something really does disappoint me about SV is the underuse of SWrewards site. It has at time had some pretty promising updates, but everytime it has looked like the use of the site woudl have turned meatier, it has kind of dwindeled out. I'd really love to see more concept art in there, more stuff about how designing an adventure game and the tools have changed over the years.
  4. Considering that the demo lacked most of the writing as well, I doubt fixing bugs is the only thing they focus on. Technically speaking there was huge amount of bugs in the proto, so obvously everything that has to do with playability and stability need to be take care of, so those were propably priorised for some time, but let's not forget that the demo we got is already, what almost year old? It's unliely the whole time has been spent on doing those bug fixes.
  5. You do realise Fronzel that you are comparing a game demo, that wasn't even on the proper alpha stage to finished games? There was a huge lack of pretty much everything in the small snippet we got way back of SpaceVenture, I wouldn't start drawing any comparisions about it yet. Sure, it's okay point out if something is bugging you, but as of now we really can't say how much stuff there will be on the finished version of the game based on the proto demo we got.
  6. Yeah, the artwork for SpaceVenture does look pretty damn nice. I love how it reminds me of the art from first 4 SQ games, but in much higher resolution and quality. The character art is top notch as well and presonally I do think SV looks much nicer than some other KS funded adventures with similar budgets. Hell, I'd say it won't crumble down in shame in comparision to bigger budget titles with much bigger art crews.
  7. Personally I can say, that the little we have seen of the game, even the proto alpha, demo thingy, does look very promising to me. There is potentially a great game there, so there's no red flags for me as far the content or the looks of the game goes. And I do guess I've been vocal enough about the one matter which worries me to most about this lenghty development, so I have no reason to go there here.
  8. Enterting Kickstarter and producing a game after that takes a level headed developers. I've been following my own share of different KS projects and if something is evident it is, that there's always people who disagree what is happening with the project. On some cases it does worry me a bit, that the devs might start trying to please everyone and make changes that might not be so beneficial to the game (I do think this has happened on a couple of occasions, as the devs have decided to change something just to shut some people up). This is such an open way of developing something, that it's just good if the devs know how to filter fan feedback out. In the end they need to do the game they want to do despite that would be entirely different from what the fans were expecting. Otherwise you'll might end up with a product that doesn't please anyone.
  9. I agree, walking speed has always been something I crank up in old Sierra games. I really like the designs where the character either jumps to point where you double click or just runs there as well.
  10. Big Finish already had a team in place and they also have a lot of knowledge on how FMV is done. Also doing FMV is much, much more easier today than it was in the 90's. You can get better results with on the shelf applications today with more ease than you could when FMV games were actually hotter than hot. Also Chris Jones is a long term producer as well as a designer, so he seems to have a very good grasp on financial realities. And they had their own money to spend as well, so their budget is higher than what they got from the KS. There's also some speculaton that Atlus might have pitched in some extra. What comes to SpaceVenture, I wouldn't be surprised if they'd announce the game to be split in half in the vein of Broken Age and Broken Sword 5. The guys have been stretching the budget pretty thin, so there must be pressure to get something released so they can get some cash flow.
  11. Lucas games alwyas tried to be more streamlined than Sierra games and used more cinematic approach in their narrative. While they have their openwordl games, evn they go story first rather than puzzle first, which often is why Lucas puzzles oftern are more logical than Sierras.
  12. I actually have very short tolerance span towards puzzles these days. Perhaps it's because there's so much more to entertain myself with, but I've noticed that especially in cases where the puzzle solution is based hopping in different places I just often opt to look where I should go rather than try to figure it out. And then there's certain types of puzzles which I just flat out always look from a walkthrough. Those would be the kind of that use mathematics (not a huge fan) or any music based puzzle (use more than 3 tones I just give up).
  13. I don't really see any reason for the guys to pursue Space Quest as a series any further. They can continue making sci-fi parodies under other titles and not be limited on the old franchice any more. Though it would be nice to see official tie up on Roger/Beatrice part. But other than that I do feel everything else about the savant janitor has been said.
  14. Well you could always argue. that Pirates of the Caribbean = Monkey Island (and Pirates is actually based on an original MI movie script). And like Al Lowe has said, Deuce Bigalow is Larry all in but name. Oh, and then there's that Maniac Mansion TV-series.
  15. You know what would be nice? Gabriel Knight movie.
  16. Man, I'd watch "Murder She Wrote" set in the 1920's. Some one needs to pitch this to a studio, ASAP.
  17. Cheese, whine and wine do sound like a nice idea.
  18. I think there's a lot of bitterness there from his part. When he was talking about that Sierra 2.0 thing ages ago he propably was deadly serious about it. And then, thanks to his personality, the rug was kinda yanked under him (despite there wasn't one in first place). Before the crap hit the fan he most likely was indulging in dreams of really churning out "real" sequals to King's Quest, Space Quest and all the other Sierra classics. There's a reason he outed Telltale about King's Quest before they had a change to do it themselves. That propably just did more harm than good to him as well.
  19. It definetly is far more limited than Gabriel Knight 2 for an example. But god damn... I think I need to re-install it and enjoy some cheese this weekend.
  20. Phantasmagoria is a bad game, no doubt about that, but it is relatively entertaining b-horror movie. And it even has some decent gore effects in it.
  21. So, apparently this is happening. A low budget horror movie adaptation of Phantasmagoria. I'm all for that. http://www.horrorsociety.com/2013/07/26/black-castle-productions-first-feature-phantasmagoria-the-movie/ https://www.facebook.com/PhantasmagoriaBCP
  22. If it's again the one who shall not be named there's no face palm big enough to handle this situation.
  23. Broken Age managed to succeed my expectations, the quality of the game is nothing short of astonishing and as it is, the gameplay reminded me a lot of Lucasfilm adventures, espcially those with simplified UI's. Personally I felt like the UI and gameplay were direct evolution from those simpler UI's which Lucasfilm abandoned in order to favour the clunkier UI's in Grim Fandango and MI4. Aestehtically the game is stunning. The graphics are stylish and vibrant and even the smallest side characters have quite a bit of personality. The voice acting is among the best I've heard in any game and if none of these areas aren't rewarded in at least in some game industry awards it'll be a travesty. While the first act is about 3-4 hours long, I expect the final to be around 8, it could be even longer if Schafer really keeps his word and amps up the difficulty for the final chapter. But even how the game is now, it is among the best games Schafer has done. It's well written, witty and it flows in the way that would make games 10 times more expensive jelaous. If the second act surpasses what was shown here, Broken Age might just become Schafers best game.
  24. The review embargo was actuallya lifted, so it's free game so to say. But that won't hurt the game, as it is pretty damned good.
  25. Yeah, there was some big slowdowns on 2.0 everytime an achievement notification jumped up despite I hadn't even connected the game on my Facebook. It definetly felt like the testing done with it wasn't enough.
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