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  1. Sierra was pretty innovative. They did not only strive to use best tech possible, they also tried to advance the way stories were told in games. They also were among the first game companies to utilize the use of things like CD audio, full voice acting, sound cards. It might not look like much in today's POV, but back then those were humongous strides.
  2. Trying something new also is something the old Sierra would have done. Had they stayed in adventure business Sierra would have tried to be innovative rather than keep resting on its laurels.
  3. Personally I find most modern low res games to have pretty terrible artistic aesthetics. Old low res games tend to look much better because the artists who worked on them knew how to work in those resolutions in order to bring out the most from the limited tech they had to work with. Sierra AGI games for an example often balance wery nicely with the technical limitations and stylis end result. Not all of them, but there's some surprisingly stylish looking stuff there. Many modern low resolution games on the other hand look like they are done by people who try to imitatet the style but they don't necessarily have thr required know how on how to make the low resolution art look actually good. Of course there is good looking stuff there as well, but in many cases the art just looks like the developers were trying to hide the already poor quality of art by lowering the resolution instead of really working with the limitations of resolution.
  4. I've played this version. An old IT teacher of mine who used to hold computer clubs for the kids in the 80's and early 90's always let us play games after all the boring stuff was done and SQ3 was one of them. I remember always being puzzled, with everyone else, because of the lite speed button. I think I still might have my.... uh... back up copy of it somewhere. It is on floppies though, so I just as well might have thrown it away ages ago. Besides I don't even have a floppydrive anymore.
  5. Many people already guessed it, it will be a new King's Quest game, developed by the Odd Gentlemen (never heard of them). Also new Geometry Wars (never played it) http://venturebeat.com/2014/08/12/die-triangles-sierra-is-back-with-new-kings-quest-and-geometry-wars/
  6. They might become the biggest KS just because of that. And the best thing would be that they wouldn't have to actually deliver a thing for the backers.
  7. I think this was Sierras officila Twitter: https://twitter.com/sierragames That other one is just some one throwing a fast one.
  8. New KQ title would be logical starting point though. It always was a showcase series for Sierra, so why not a showcase for new start as well.
  9. Ah, okay then. It does then make this news sound a bit more promising.
  10. I take it John Williams is son of Ken and Roberta and not the composer? We'll know in a couple of days what will really happen. Let's just hope it is something good.
  11. I wouldn't be holding my breath for new adventure games myself. I'm betting on those re-releases on portable devices, which would mean that at least SQ games from 4 up could see new platforms. Then again, if SpaceVenture does good, and the guys are willing, perhaps some kind of licensing deal is possible. But then again, I'm fully okay if SQ is left to rest in peace as a series.
  12. I wonder if I should go to Valve forums to speculate if Activision is going to release Half-Life 3 under the revived Sierra banner.
  13. It's nice that they seem to be atleast considering of doing something with the huge title catalogue. I'm betting that at least a new SWAT title could have huge potential. Also, I'm guessing a lot of re-releases, possible even ports of point and click titles to Android and iOS, considering there's a lot of indie titles that have proven that old school point and click titles work pretty well on those platform as well.
  14. Well it kinda is a result of SV taking a lot longer than expected. It's not like we have a game to discuss about here. Unless we want to just randomly speculate about things on the proto demo, which really didn't give us THAT much to speculate about. Or then again we could just stop posting here until the game is released, but that could end up killing even the smallest buzz SV had going for it.
  15. It very much depends on where a split is made and how it is made. Out of the recent adventures I think Broken Sword 5 was a bit too heavy handed in how they handeled the middle part. the whole cinematic part with recap just doesn't sit well in it and it feels especaially out of place now that the game is one piece. Broken Age looks like they've done it a bit better, though I reckon it also depends on how they start the game and if it contais some kind of recap of the first part of the game. Dreamfall Chapters is more interesting case, as it is, from the looks of it, more naturally an episodic game. All that has been said about the different books (which in this case is one book = chapter) makes it pretty clear that despite they in the beginning though they'd be delivering the whole thing as a whole, it would still had been just as episodic in structure, as some time passes between each book and the next one doesn't begin straight from the moment the previous book ended. But in any case Dreamfall will also be made into "one" game with each released book.
  16. I liked Gone Home myself. It's a neat little piece of interactive fiction, but Dear Esther I find pretentious and overly melodramatic. I do think that there's a demand for interactive stories like Gone Home is. At best they can work like nice, choose your own adventure style of narratives and deliver emotional impact watching a movie might not be able to do in the same way. I have some at times argued if they should be called games at all, but that is an entirely different matter. And on the topic matter what am I playing at the moment, XCOM. I played the original a lot and I must say I like the new one as well. I know some fans of the original have complained about it, but personally I think it's pretty well modernized take on the original game and doesn't steer that far away from it either.
  17. That small knife episode never did bother me on Moebius and I do find it a bit funny that so many people did seem to snort a pea in their nostril because of it. Me disliking the game stems from entirely different things. Hell, I didn't even find it particulary sexist, just stupid where people did cry sexism (like the librararian deduction bit).
  18. It feels almost absurd to recall how much promise there was in the air for Larry series after Reloaded was funed. Al Lowe was back in the game, Josh Mendel was beefing the up the script and after the PR was given to Josh, it almost felt like there was a genuine future for the series in the form of remakes and possible new game at some point. And then it all fell apart. And it does suck for those people who never did get their physical goodies. Last time I visited Reloaded KS page there still was peopl there waiting for their rewards and that should not be the case.
  19. We all know this project hasn't gone as smoothly it could have, even the guys seem to be willing to admit that. But luckily enough they do seem to have good reigns over the budget, so they still are very likely to be able to pull this one through. I do understand why people feel like they do. This KS is already 2 years old and it has been admitted that the game isn't as far as they'd hoped. That alone is enough to make people worry about the status of the project. Projects like these are the first time for many people to see what happens in a software project. They are propably the ones who either get disheartened the most. Those people who have been a part of a software might have their own strong opinions how things should be done, which can reflect as harsh sounding critizism. It isn't helpful to keep chanting "take your time" either, as the realities are that time and money are real factors here. This isn't Star Citizen with seemingly infinite stream of money.
  20. Here is a little bit of discussion about the beta: http://www.adventuregamers.com/forums/viewthread/114/P960 At least for now it sounds like a typical budget affair.
  21. I'm a fan of his videos as well. And his site is not just about Rolfe's AVGN character anymore, he does other kinds of videos as well. His horror movie videos are always fun to watch, as he knows quite a bit about the stuff.
  22. I confess, I do have a small model of Arcadia, the corridors and the library to be more exact, which I've used as a base level in my experiment in creating a simple 3D point and click environment. I used the same project to create the Colone's Bequest scene, so the name followed :D
  23. Standalone updated on the first post. Donwload, unzip and preferably run in windowed mode.
  24. This is something little I've been tinkering on. I'm aiming at re-creating the whole mansion as well as the the island surrounding in 3D. The 3rd floor and the roof is still missing from the mansion itself, but there's already some place holder stuff outside. This is actually something I've been wanting to do for a good while now. Colonel's Bequest is propably my favourite Roberta Williams game and among my favourite Sierra games in general. Let's hope DropBox let's you stream it. Use WASD and mouse to move. Space jumps. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/25945454/cb_mansion/CB_mansion.html Here's a standalone version for Windows. I recommend using a windowed mode, as otherwise you'll need to alt tab out from the app. The web version is upadted to this as well. Now you can walk all the way upstairs with out need to jump on the stairs. You can also go to the attick and Fifi's room. Downstairs you can see the places for secrets doors. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/25945454/cb_mansion/bequest.zip
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