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  1. Here's a classic one, and propably one of the most difficult puzzles in adventure game history, straight from King's Quest 1, the original AGI version. The official SCI remake had simplified one. "The name of the gnome"-puzzle. Now, you need to guess a name of the gold spinning gnome, who is, if you know your fairytales, Rumpelstiltskin. If you try with that, no cigar, as that's not quite the answer the game wants, despite you'd be on a right fairytale. In a place that has nothing to do with Rumpelstiltskin you can find a not that says "Sometimes it's helpfull to think backwards.". If by some leap of logic you arrive into a conclusion that that particular note is related to the gnome you can try to write the name Rumpelstiltskin backwards. But that's no dice either, as that's not quite the answer the game is seeking. And there's no other hints it will give you either about the solution. And the solution is, that you need to throw the alphabet backwards and choose letters that are in the same location as would the original letters of Rumpelstiltskin be. Yeah. I doubt there was many people who solved that one, espceially with the small amounts of hints the game gave you. And if you didn't know the fairytale itself, good luck trying to even get in the same page with the puzzle, as the game has no mention of the gnomes name anywhere, it just expects that everyone knows the fairytale. In the SCI remake it was simplified so, that it actually accepted the Rumpelstiltskin spelled backwards. And even then it was relatively difficult puzzle.
  2. I think the 30 dollar tag is a tad hefty as well. They do seem to defend it by being indie, but there's a lot of indie games out there with better production values, even adventures, with much more reasonable pricing. I think they might have miscalculated the pull of re-made retro titles a bit.
  3. It's not entitlement if you buy something thinking it is a full game if it's not labeled as something else. It's the sellers fault, not the customers. (disclaimer, I have not bought it.)
  4. I'm pretty sure I originally had to check the voodoo writing solution from a walkthrough back when I played GK1 in the glorious 90's. Though in retrospec it is pretty logical, as you just combine already known things in it. Of course, one thing how it could be made easier would be to accept a line of text with correct words in it , no matter what the exact order of those words is. That would be relatively simple check to do, as the list of acceptable words is pretty short.
  5. Oh yeah, those. I remember playing the Indiana Jones one. That was reasonably fun. They really should port those for tablets, they'd fit well as something little to play on the go.
  6. I always did wonder it a bit why they didn't do SW adventure games, but the rights being with someone else would explain it. And by the time they got the game rights back doing an adventure wasn't the only viable option.
  7. There's a couple of titles I've been looking to get right out the bat. At least Outlaws, X-Wing and Tie Fighter.
  8. Sure, as a collection that is dirt cheap, so as a collection that is a must buy for anyone who likes Apogee and doesn't already got those titles. And Keen games haven't been in sale anywhere for a good while now, so it is great to see them surface again.
  9. Some of those have been in GOG for ages. There's only a couple of titles there that haven't been for sale in othet digital stores. http://www.gog.com/games##sort=bestselling&devpub=apogee_software&page=1
  10. I think most likely because Activision wants King's Quest to be the first official Sierra re-launch title. We already know that Activision is making the rules for Pinkerton Road what comes to GK20th release and so on, so had they wanted to Activision could have made it Sierra re-launch title.
  11. It's the couple of first days. Overall I'd say the voice acting seems a bit of a mixed bag, but Gabe was the only one that made me gringe. But I enjoyed the demo quite a bit actually. Based solely on it I'd be willing to go as far as to give it 3,5 stars out of 5. And the technical improvement POS has gained is pretty amazing, as I must admit I didn't expect much of them after Moebius. Do you know if they're doing anything to Jackson Square? Out of all the places in the demo it felt like it was using some placeholder art. Definetly the weakest are graphically and it looked like it really could use some more passes before called finished.
  12. On the topic of GK, POS has released a demo in Steam and after trying it I must say I liked it a lot. Gabes voice is my only huge issue, he sounds like a mix between Elvis and Tim Curry. But other than that it does look like a solid game.
  13. Even if I'd say I'd just try it to see how it feels like, I know I will end up playing the first book through. I couldn't resist playin BS5 nor Broken Age. I doubt I could end up resisting a game I've been waiting since I played Dreamfall ages ago.
  14. I'll mostlikely get it at some point as well, but now I have a full plate in the form of Grimrock 2, Mass Effect 3 and hopefully Dreamfall Book 1 which should be coming out soonish, as in somtime tomorrow.
  15. I'd guess for Activisions POV it could be explained by company policies, they just don't want to add another platform.
  16. I'm pretty sure Activision is the one who shelled out the moolah to produce all of GK20th, they were the money bags before they shut that other dev down before POS and I doubt Jane or POS shelled their own money in order to do pick up the pieces and put it together. That's why they can't release Linux version of it for an example, as Activision wouldn't allow it.
  17. Yeah, the dude is a little weasel. Because of him I regret that I ever backed. I did like the game, but I don't like the aftermath at all.
  18. I do find it baffling, that some people think game characters should all be cut from the same cloth, as in being heroic and chivalric and all that jazz. I do wonder why they do feel like writers should shackle themselves in regards of what kind of charcaters they write. Some people do kind of miss the point in that to write something is not the same thing as to advocate something. Not always atleast.
  19. I checked Steamcharts just now, out of curiosity, and it does look like GK20h is doing a bit better than Moebius did. The all time peak of players for Moebius was 126 while for Gabriel is 335. Though I don't know if it was that a lot of backers decided to skip Moebius thanks to the poor reviews and chose Gabe instead, or if Gabe is selling much better.
  20. Well, I've replayed SQ6 now and I can't say I appreciarte it any more than I did before. I think pretty much the best thing it has going for it is the background art. I don't really like the character design and the voice acting is mostly pretty bland. And the worst thing is that I found the game pretty boring. It's just wasn't very fun to play and laughs were few and far between. There's ideas there which could have made the game a hoot, but it never manages to find the right gear.
  21. I need to say, that I don't mind about the idea of adding new puzzles, but at the same time they should fit the game as well. The ones I've seen just feel out of place and the kind of that they wanted to add something but didn't really know what.
  22. I haven't played the game, I'll be waiting for a sale honestly, but as far I know they've added sliding tile puzzle and some sort of wordpuzzle slot machine, which both look like they don't fit at all in the game. I wonder what made Jane think that a sliding tile puzzle was just the thing that was missing from the original design.
  23. I really should play SQ6 through again just to see if my take on it has changed. I didn't hate it, but I also did find it a bit lazy overall. Like it was out of steam.
  24. I've always liked the art direction SQ1 VGA, as I dig the whole b-sci-fi feel quite a bit. But I do agree that as an SQ game it stands out like a sore thumb, as the other SQ games have so different art style
  25. Interestingly enough Al Lowe was trying to crack the idead of multiplayer online adventure games back in the 80's and early 90's before he made Larry 5. He was working in a project between Sierra and AT&T I believe, which was developing some of the first on-line gaming systems and Sierraland was Sierra's answer for that. They never did get the adventures running though, but a functional piece of that software still exists, in which you can play card games etc. other online games.
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