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  1. In can say what's my least replayed and that's the Spinal Frontier. But my most replayed would be either 3 or 4, I can't really say which, but they are my two favourites.
  2. Thanks guys, I appreciate the compliments.
  3. Here's Fester FullHD here: http://fav.me/d81c9j8
  4. Yeah, Activision was funding it as a project for some other dev, with Jane's supervision, before POS took over and I've understood most of the artwork is done by that oter dev, including the portraits. Maybe it was, that Activision wasn't happy with the quality or that the other dev was going over budget, I don't know.
  5. Yes I am. I can proudly say I don't need everything to be spoonfed to me. Just the big chuncks. Pre-chewed if possible.
  6. I've always took the "chose" scene as that no matter how good the terminators were mimicking humans, they always felt off, especially if you knew the person they were trying to mimick. There's really no reason to offer any other explonation to it, just as there's no real reason to offer any additional explonation why Ripley's mothery instincts light up when they find Newt from the base.
  7. Only scene of those that really adds something to the movie is the Ripley's daughter bit, as it defines more why her motherly instincts flare so much around Newt, but the other stuff is pretyt much filler, that don't fix the big issues I have with the movie. For that the marines should be completely re-written.
  8. Neither directors cut is IMO an improvement really. The things they add to the movie are things the movies really do not need and directors cut for Terminator 2 adds some pretty cringeworthy things in it. It's not like with Blade Runner where the directors cut makes the movie actually more interesting.
  9. I've always preferred T1 over T2 simply because T2 isn't very durable as a movie. It really doesn't hold up well on multiple viewings, where as T1 works very well because of its simplicity.: it just is more entertaining of the two. I actually have the exact same issue with Aliens, which was a movie I liked a lot as a kid, but as I got older I just kinda got bored with it, where as Alien just keeps draggin me in time after time thanks to the murkier phsycological levels it has.
  10. Thank you kindly, y'all. It gladdens me if you like it.
  11. I think this is a classic case of reading the potential audience wrong.Wanted the devs it or not, people are not willing to pay top dollar of old games. The older the game is, the less people want to pay. And if it is a relatively obscure title like Gold Rush!, only a very small part of gamers is willing to shell 10 bucks for it. The best solution for them would have been bundle the classic with the remake, that way there would have been more interest.
  12. Here's a bit larger vesion of the render in fullHD resolution: http://tomimt.deviantart.com/art/Employee-of-the-week-483116955
  13. Most people tend to be. especially if they've worked a long time within their fields. Just like many other long time devs, or pretty much any other creative worker be them directors or writers, Schafer is merely competent in his work and there's no shame in that. But that doesn't mean that he wouldn't be able to strike something really great with the complete Broken Age, as I do think the final part of the game will be the defining factor which either makes it or breaks it. A lot of things many people remember him of rose also from the culture and environment he worked at Lucasfilm. While he always did try to move the UI and gameplay forward, he also gained a lot from those surroundings and culture. Now that he is running DF he's just letting the culture of his own company to effect the end result the same way.
  14. This is also an issue for me, especially after I got Netflix from where I have the bad habit of watchin multiple episodes in a row.
  15. I can't defend Double Fine's developing practices either. I still do like the first part of Broken Age they did manage to get out, but the developement of the second half has taken already far too long. Despite my foudess I've noticed that my interest towards the game is fading away due to the time gap between. I really wouldn't fund anything by them either, if they'd come back in the KS. I've liked the documentary and the game, but being that they were the first project I backed and they still haven't finished the game while many others have, I can't help but to feel disappointed.
  16. Thanks Frede. I originally intented to render him without the fastfood and the screen on the front, but as it's widescreen resolution the fron seemed a bit too empty, so I decided to throw in a screen there as well.
  17. Here's a little something I just finished and you guys might recognize.
  18. I actually do consider it to be more important for the success of SpaceVenture for the big sites to even cover anything related to Two Guys rather than just being 100% accurate on their developement history. And besides, if they'd wanted to, I'm sure Scott and Mark could have corrected the interviewer.
  19. Personally I liked the UI quite a bit. The parsers could have used a bit more functionality, but all in all it was a decent experiment. And that Liars Dice game, while annoying, isn't anything a bit of good, old save/reload magic doesn't pretty quickly fix. But yeah, LSL7 would have worked without it a well.
  20. I'd argue, that Roberta, Al and Scott were good designers, as they were working in an era where there was no real, clear methods for developing games. Had they been bad developers they would have taken the first model they made and churn out all of their games within that model. Instead of doing that they at least seemingly learned from their mistakes and managed to make the gameplay better during their carereers. Roberta learning from her mistakes lead into the high points of King's Quest series as well as Al learning from his mistakes lead into the high points of Larry series. I think most Sierra titles do show the gradual rising awarness on how games could be designed to be better, rather than sticking stubbornly on a couple design ideas meant for different kinds of games. In one interview Al Lowe stated, that after they had shipped Larry 5 he realized, that the old method he used to design it was more fitting on a parser based game, hence it became his easiest title, so for the next title he had to think his methods all over in order to produce a game more suitable to a point and click interface. The things he learned from those games lead into IMO the best Larry title, Love For Sail.
  21. I have to say I agree with Frogacuda in that if SpaceVenture would be split, there would be a big propability that the second part of the story would be left unfinished, especially if the split would be done in order to get more developement funds. I just don't see half of SpaceVenture to have that kind of pull. As far I can tell i.e. Broken Sword 5's sales numbers picked up signifigantly after the second half of the game was published, as that was the point where people felt it was a safe purchase. Telltale can do well on episodic publishing, as people already know they are very likely to push out all the episodes because of their long history, but for new devs it might not be that simple. I suspect that Double Fine suffered from the episodic decision as well and that the sales after the completion of the game might be substentially bigger.
  22. It should be the right link now.
  23. Another small update. Check the first post for links. There's some more modeling and texturing and what not.
  24. Being technically innovative has very little to do with Sierra putting out mainly sequals. The innovative stuff was many times under the hood rather than in gameplay, but Sierra never was afraid in moving forwards, whetever it meant the use of FMV or using 3D engine.
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