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  1. I found the text file. It is version, so this is the most recent version. I'm calling this a bug. Apparently this affects Roger if he climbs back out of the sewers. The only way to get him to move is to have him touch the electric fence and die, then he comes back on the right side of the screen. Unless this is done, he stays just south of the sewer entrance.
  2. You probably know that I have someone I'm romantically interested in that lives in Virginia. I got her into this band so I figure I'll share with all of you. The band "A Sound of Thunder" is looking for donations for their 4th album. How cool are these guys? I'm planning on going out to see her in June of next year and they're going to come down and play a show in Richmond. Anyways, This band, A Sound of Thunder is looking to the fans to give them some support for their new album. You can get your name in the album for $25 or with a T-shirt for $40! All donations help. BTW, Serena, h
  3. How do I check the version number on this thing? Here's how to replicate this bug: Once you help Rodney out, go into the sewers then climb back out. You will be standing just south of the sewer, and unable to move at all. The only way to unfreeze Roger will be to grab the electric fence and die, then he will literally transport over to the right side of the screen. Unless you grab the electric fence and die, you are completely immobile.
  4. I guess my opinion is skewed because I dealt with my own version of Bea Wankmeister, spending nearly three years in college dealing with a woman who was cold, uncaring and would bitch more than anyone. (Literally I had to walk away because she was so hurtful on two separate occasions). I always liked to root for the underdog as it were and there needs to be someone out there that gives him one iota of respect, otherwise he might as well be called Larry Laffer and there's already a game about THAT problem.
  5. I hate to double post but in case no one reads this, I found a bug in VSB. When Roger climbs back up the sewers, he is now completely unable to move anywhere. I got stuck and had to go back to get an item, only to find out I can't move a muscle.
  6. I meant in a video montage, but thank you. I really never thought of most of these. I just found a really bad bug in VSB, by the way, and I'd like to report it. It involves getting out of the sewers.
  7. I'm going to admit something that I'm sure would cause a flurry of "WHAT? Are you kidding me?" I honestly think Roger is too good for Beatrice. I've played SQV, Incinerations and VSB and Beatrice has one thing in common in all of them. She is borderline psychotic in the abuse department. She's almost as bad as Judge Judy (assuming Judge Judy isn't alive in the canon of Space Quest, but you never know -- if only the good die young, she'll outlive all of us). Beatrice is willing to complain about every little thing in the universe that Roger might do. In fact, the only time I've ever hea
  8. I have Asperger's Syndrome, so most of the silly humor of the game went over my head. However, one scene that stood out to me was the one in Space Quest IV where they said something like "I would think something labeled as an unstable ordnance would be low on your list of fun and healthy things to carry". I also loved it when the pink bunny came by in SQIV, because at the time that thing was all over the commercials. To show you the kind of humor that most people around me had, my stepdad typed in "fuck you" to the game one time because it was being a smartass to him. The parser said "A mi
  9. You know what VSB needs? Someone to post a "ways to die" the way most of the other games do. Also, I'd like to see these three endings.
  10. Don't delete this! (I have to try them) Ironically, my friend found the code for SQIII while messing around. I then thought "Hey, I can just leave this pod and wait for SQ4". Nope. Game doesn't let you off that easily. The "I love Lunacy" and room of deleted stuff I need to try though, along with the... say what? Game crash?
  11. Yeah, I phrased that wrong. Basically, 4 and 6 seemed to have richer graphics and Gary Owens while 5 seemed... well, kinda like an enhanced version of SQ3 since it only had a text announcement. The one thing V has is a hell of a lot of ways to die. The video for it is over 40 minutes long!
  12. If I had to pick from favorite to least favorite (what I've played or what I've seen) it would go as follows: IV, I, III, VI, II, V (I still have not played VI but I did find III on Steam since posting this, I'll probably actually sit down and play 6 after my class is over) I guess I got spoiled since 4 and 6 had both gotten completely awesome makeovers and Gary Owens but 5 almost looked like a step backwards. I understand there was a Sierra and Dynamix problem at the time, so it kinda makes sense. And what's really strange is: I freakin' love Star Trek, but SQ5 felt almost disjoin
  13. Apparently they never heard of parody. I'm disappointed. But then again, Zondra was holding a freakin' SPEAR GUN, so glass ceilings were bound to smash everywhere. Interesting. I remember they got to keep the bunny in the game. Amazing, isn't it? If you look at the band it tells you they're one of the hottest bands in the quadrant. I know but compared to Paul Trowe, you're a saint. Don't know him well enough but he'd have to be a real pantload to be worse than some of the douches I've dealt with. Thank you! No alien is going
  14. I got Nonookie but I pronounced Nontoonyt as (noon-toon-yit) until it was pronounced for me. As for lines from Space Quest, one of my favorites was "Due to the unyielding nature of solid ground, especially when struck from 50 meters, you now bear the dimensions of a manhole cover."
  15. I think I have an idiot moment for you guys, and this is one that's on a tangent you wouldn't think about. (Before we proceed, I should tell you I found a copy of SQ3 on Steam, however, I think I will be buying this collection from gog.com because I like GOG about 10 million times more than I like Steam except for Audiosurf.) Alright, here's the moment: In Space Quest 3, Roger goes into a closet and grabs his janitor uniform to pass as a janitor for Scumsoft. He then LEAVES ALL HIS MONEY in the other suit! 300-plus buckazoids all left in a closet at Scumsoft. He literally leaves the money
  16. I have no idea who the name is, but the voices sound hilarious.
  17. I might as well ask, because I was told about how good Space Quest 3 was. Which of the games was your favorite? Which one really made you say "THIS is what I'm talking about!" For me, it's an easy call. Space Quest IV was so ridiculously fun that I enjoyed it beginning to end. :)
  18. No fair! I'm terrible at Photoshop (I've never used it)
  19. I think everyone would know if I was being crass. :) (Ask anyone who used to be on the Replay Games forum) I seriously can't afford a decent microphone right now, so that I wouldn't be able to budge on. I probably could do it just for that.
  20. I also would love to do voices for it. I wouldn't ask you for more than about 10 bucks a day plus some cash for a microphone if I'm not going to a studio. You know how they say less is more? In this case, zero is perfect.
  21. When it comes to women, I heed the words of Clint Eastwood during that Super Bowl commercial: If we can't find a way then we'll make one. ;) As for the last part of this sentence, I'd ask what the difference was between people who want to see that and a mallard with a cold, but I am working on my social graces (hint: one's a sick DUCK... ;) ) Honestly, if I could afford to do it for free, I'd help. I don't have a microphone but I'd go down and do at least one or two voices. I'd probably do it for a small fee, since I'm going to try to go across the country next summer to meet
  22. I know this is going to be tough, given the fact that most of you guys probably love everything that came down the pipe, but was there one game that really made you go "Eh, kinda anti-climactic"... and it just didn't hold on as much as the others? For me, this is a ridiculously easy choice, and it's sad because it followed what was probably my favorite game of the series. Space Quest V just left me feeling nonplussed. Maybe it was the fact that other than the beginning where Roger cheats on the test, there wasn't anything that was remotely as Roger-esque in it, or maybe it was the fact tha
  23. Yeah, good point. I didn't think of that. How about you give me the game for free and I'll pay you 15 buckazoids for a litho of the latex babes naked? That'd be a commission. ;) (KIDDING!, well, not really, but I don't expect you to do that) But seriously, it's kinda a shame that the fan games aren't as much being made anymore. I think some of them have been really good, given the fact that they're free and kinda help me bide my time until SpaceVenture comes out.
  24. Someone actually asked for it on the Incinerations board (I told that person he was about as smart and as useful as the droid on the right, but nowhere near as friendly). I suggested that Bea and Stellar would be a better alternative (because y'know, they're actually the right gender) You're really only making the situation worse. What they do off-screen is their own business, as long as I don't see it. It's like going to a gym. Eyes on the floor, seeing about 4 feet ahead of you. A naked Doomtron egg? I thought that thing was already naked? Oh well. That one won't
  25. Throw in nude artwork of the Latex Babes and I'll give ya 15 buckazoids. Hope you don't mind that I found them all inside a wallet on a snowman on some icy planet called Radon. I would pay that price for SQ3 to be redone, although I doubt there will be enough people like me, however.
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