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  1. The only other thing I didn't like about Incinerations was the fan community wanted a shirtless Roger. I have a rule about nudity. There's only one gender I like and Roger isn't it. Other than that, I really enjoyed Incinerations and VSB looks pretty good too =)
  2. It's REALLY tough for me to pick one. My opinion might change when I beat VSB, but for right now Incinerations is my favorite one. Except for the idea of a quartezoid (note that in SQ4 if you try to get change for a buckazoid, it tells you that the buckazoid is the lowest currency in the known universe), it really made me crack up. I think my favorite character was the robot who wasn't defragged. It was a shame that we had to screw him up by making him a cleaner and then disabling him. The other thing I liked was if you scored perfect, you ended up with both Stellar and Beatrice. Unlike L
  3. Of the fan games that have been made, which is your favorite and least favorite? I have noticed quite a few of them: Space Quest -1: Decisions of the Elders: Space Quest 0: Replicated Space Quest 2 VGA Space Quest: The Lost Chapter Space Quest IV.5: Roger Wilco and the Voyage Home Space Quest Incinerations and of course, Vohaul Strikes Back. I have never played IV.5, although something tells me I'm not missing much. I played -1 and got stuck, the rest of them seem pretty solid, tbh.
  4. I get that, and I fully understand that you guys need to make money (that goes without saying) but I think for me there's a nostalgic value to the old Space Quest games. I'm going to be honest with you. I like the pretense and the humor of SpaceVenture but I don't know if it's going to feel the same as an official SQ game. If SQ7 is made through Activision or whoever, I'd be first in line to buy, download and play it, especially if the Two Guys were there to make it as hilarious as possible. Again, it's something we've really been waiting since the 1990s for, and the remakes would bide ou
  5. That, for lack of a better word, sucks, mostly because they did a damn fine job of SQ2. It's depressing to think if no more fan games are going to be made.
  6. I don't know why Infamous Adventures remade SQ2, but I love this remake. I hope they can do the same thing with SQ3, although I doubt they will since the forums are offline.
  7. Fronzel is right. The people that Paul banned were people who donated their blood, sweat and tears to the game. They donated tens of thousands of dollars worth of cash, free labor, free promotions, moderating and trying to make himself better by making everyone else look worse. I know for a fact that Tom King himself did several months of programming and debugging. That's the kind of thing they pay programmers $5,000+ a month for. It boils down to ethics. How you present yourself as a person reflects on the company. I myself didn't even get an official reason for being banned. I just was.
  8. Guess I'm late to this party. Happy birthday Scott. Hope to see your game soon =)
  9. You handled that really well, Serena. Props to you. By the way, not only does Paul look like Leisure Suit Larry but he's way more inept than him too. (go ahead Paul. I'm a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. You try to kick me in the nuts and you'll see what happens). The last ten days have reminded me that we as a community do need to stay together and tough through all of this. We know and love games together (LSL, SQ, PQ, KQ, etc.) and we all want to see these adventures succeed. The problem is when people who are bitter, vindictive and cruel (like Paul) let the power go to their heads. I will
  10. Tell you what. I'll ask you one question that's completely non-spoilerish and then I can draw a conclusion from that: If 1 is an evening stuck in a room with the insurance salesmen from SQ2, and 10 is being on a beach with the Latex Babes of Estros naked (them, not you) from SQ4, how much fun does the plot and ideologies of Ace and SV sound? So that you have benchmarks, consider an episode of The Big Bang Theory to be a 7, and spending five minutes around Paul Trowe to be a -150,000.
  11. Looks pretty spiffy. I'm eager to play this. Of course, we may not see it any time this century. :)
  12. We all know Sierra disbanded adventure games circa 1997, but if The Two Guys From Andromeda were allowed to continue, do you think they would have followed continuity or do you think they would have abandoned the idea? Specifically speaking, Space Quest IV had Roger going to SQ XII and SQ X, which had their own titles. Do you think that they would have used said titles for a prospective 10th and 12th game in the franchise, or do you think they would have deviated since y'know, Roger could have screwed up the future?
  13. Did anyone ever get this death to work on any version that was a talkie? Even legendary death guru MrWhitman on YouTube couldn't get it to work. Also, I picked SQ4 because I loved the game but got frustrated with it quickly.
  14. I think I want to check out this game. Space Quest was a fun series, in that it was more about comedy than anything else. So I imagine this is going to be really fun. I'd like to wait though until the actual GAME comes out before I buy it. I want this to be a quality game.
  15. I think the jury is still out on that one. If Josh has left Replay Games, then that means the animal is uncaged and basically everything is going to be his way or the highway, which means that unless Larry 1 is flying off the shelves, you won't be seeing Larry 2 at all. It's simply a matter of this being too niche of a market. I'd agree on Box Office Bust. Magna Cum Laude had its flaws but it wasn't a bad game, just some things were criminal like the number of fart jokes in the game.
  16. Make the petition and I'll sign it. By the way (this will probably be my last post about this matter, I'd like to talk about SQ), if you trot over to Mr. Trowe's forums, you'll find the number of posts are currently 6,281. Last week it was over 8,500. So all the people he banned accounted for over a quarter of all the posts. Talk about a real class act.
  17. This should just about put the nail in the coffin. Al Lowe is no longer an administrator on the Replay Games forums. I have a really bad feeling that Paul has really gone insane.
  18. Replay's board is officially dead. There probably won't be any more posts of a relevant nature. Everyone who cared is either banned or left after the bans.
  19. Don't get your hopes up, homeboy. I still want naked animations of Bea and Stellar (and the Latex Babes of Estros), but we need to focus on the real enemy here, and that's Paul. I don't know how this game is going to do, to be honest with you, but SQ is actually one I surprisingly enjoy *slightly* more than LSL, because I do love the ways that the game tells you you screwed up.
  20. If it is any nudes of Irish, I'm glad I didn't get it. I'll probably be throwing up from now through next June. Also, for the next seven years after that, I'd stare forward in a completely catatonic state saying "the horror, the horror..." But if it's more stuff about what a chode that Paul is, I'll gladly chime in and say that I think everyone knows that by now.
  21. I think it's damn hilarious. Anyways, although my opinions haven't changed on certain things, I do believe that we should put our differences aside and make sure that Paul is called out on the carpet for his antics. Maybe I had it coming (my big donation of $25.69 isn't going to get them anything, I'm sure), but when I look at names like Tom King, Jeroen Dekkers and YOU getting banned, people that donated thousands of dollars and a hell of a lot of time to the project, that's when I call foul.
  22. Okay. My name is Steve, I'm almost 41 years old and I'm a graduate student in Finance living in California. Space Quest I was the first actual adventure game I played. I was the kind of person who needed a hint book to get through the game. I am single with no kids, although there is a girl living in Virginia that I am going to visit next year and has been helping me with my social graces, something I've been known to be notoriously deficient in. I enjoy a lot of different kinds of games, mostly the fast-paced stuff like God of War or Assassin's Creed, but also have a soft spot for adventure g
  23. It's not game related, but I'll promote it anyways, it's a new album by a metal band near Allentown, PA called MindMaze. They need between $5,000 and $6,000 for their next album. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mindmaze/mindmaze-sophomore-album-project
  24. A few of you have already contributed, I am going to spread the word out on a naughty dating sim called HuniePop. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/huniepop/huniepop-a-dating-puzzle-rpg
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