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  1. Yep.


    I'm still having trouble with the patched SQ4 CD but I haven't fooled around with the settings too much yet. Beautiful program, dude. All that's left is to add extracting ability as Mortimer said! Of course one could always use this in conjunction with SCI Studio VGA.


    What would also be killer is if you put in some kind of adlib emulator like DOSBox and VDMSound have and have the option to play the sound resources through the original adlib sound rather than routing through the MIDI mapper. Is that possible? I'd also suggest something similar for PC Speaker and Tandy 3-voice emulation.

  2. Well, FreeSCI is supported under linux. If linux is truly ported to the DS it should be no problem to play SQ on a DS. I know ScummVM is already ported to the DS and I've seen screenshots of Monkey Island 1 & 2. I wonder if the touch-screen is supported, though. That would rule.

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