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  1. Well, no you're right. It may not be a need I didn't mean that, but it's not tied to responsibility either, in the same way that those who give to charity shouldn't expect anything. The only difference in this case is that you expect (or hope) that the game will be released someday. As far as pledging goes, nobody is owed anything but seeing the product released, and any rewards they may have pledged for. Even then, there's no guarantee and nothing is admissable in court.

  2. I accept that it's instinctual to want updates on how the project is going that you've backed, and even fair. But I don't accept that it's deserved. I'd question any campaign that didn't offer ANY updates whatsoever, but I wouldn't question their honesty or competence. Just their decency. Even AAA published games show a little bit every now and then. But not because they have to.


    Kickstarter IS charity. You are given no guarantee of anything but the fact that you're giving the creator of the campaign the chance to finish his/her/their project. Whether they do or not is entirely inconsequential to your "role" as a backer.

  3. What is the actual consequence?


    There isn't one. The Two Guys don't have to show anyone any "proof" or sway anyone's opinion.

    The kickstarter already got the money. I would agree with you guys if they were still trying to get the kickstarter funded,

    but at this point there is no bargaining power on the side of the commenters.

    Totally agree. Avoiding people breathing down their necks is the whole reason developers go to Kickstarter instead of a publisher. So people will stop checking the game for updates? Fine. People need to get on with their lives anyway. It's less stress on both backer and developer. Then when the game comes out they haven't been waiting for it and it's a pleasant surprise. Then all the naysayers will be right back in line to get their backer rewards. I mean realistically we don't get crazy updates on everything when a game is developed outside of Kickstarter, unless the developer wants to do something nice. Kickstarter backers have this false sense of entitlement sometimes. It's a huge detriment to Kickstarter campaigns.

  4. What does it matter, though? In the end once the game is released nobody will have anything to say. The Kickstarter campaign has already come and gone. There are no more pledges being...pledged. Just what are bad comments on a Kickstarter page going to do to the project that won't be totally nullified once the game comes out? What is it really hurting?


    The SV-Rewards site was nice, but honestly I didn't expect to have been owed it. It was a nice extra they gave us. That's all. Far be it from me to say that they should spend more time on it and less on the actual game.

  5. Heh there's still so much we don't know. My standards are already low, so I'm left with just being intrigued at what they come up with. I might actually enjoy it. Regarding the discussion about who this is catered to, maybe it was pressure from ActiVision to rig the teaser a certain way. A teaser doesn't contain gameplay elements, though. It never did. Think back to the teasers for Arkham City. There wasn't a shred of gameplay in that. Or Aliens: Colonial Marines. In fact, they were entirely pre-rendered. At least this is running in the game engine. Granted, one of these games was a disaster and looked nothing like the actual alleged "in-game" footage that was released previously, but the other game turned out to be amazing. One thing is for sure, that video did send one message "adventure". Maybe not the game genre adventure that we're used to, but the actual definition of adventure. Journeying, discovering exotic locations, excitement, characters.

  6. For ActiVision? Cash-in. For The Odd Gentlemen? Acceptance. For some fans? Just getting something called "King's Quest" again. I'm interested. I hope if it is a platformer it's something a little more unique than a straight platformer with TR-like puzzles. I don't know. They've said both that it's an adventure and that it's not the game you played 20+ years ago...I don't know.

  7. Uh, no. By Tomb Raider-inspired, I'm referring to the original game which was neither cinematic nor QTE-laden. And I don't even think it'll be a carbon copy of that, just inspired by it. I'm thinking something like Alone in the Dark/Indy: Infernal Machine meets traditional puzzle adventure. That's my guess. Could be way off.

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