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  1. I'd honestly say poor direction. It just... is all over the place. I dislike the arguing with the narrator. I find the Polysorbate 80 parts to be too much... "When can I into space" and utterly hated that idiotic logic puzzle. I mean, obtuse copy protection in a CD title? Really? Maybe I'm one of the few who did, but I LOVED Space Quest 5 and while I understand it was something of a tone shift it kept to the successful and established patterns of SQ3 and SQ4. Roger finds himself in strange situation. Rodger manages through wit/cunning/dumb luck to get himself a vehicle. Roger sees strange new places, meets interesting people, and puts strange things into his pants. SQ6 on the other hand breaks with the model. He shows up in an area that reminds me of North Philadelphia more than the depths of space and the jokes are a little stale. The earlier space quests were a bit more backhanded with their references. On top of it the art style was just weak. The sprites just did not work with the backgrounds. It was an awkward mix and the game suffered for it. On top of that once you did get a ship you didn't explore anything. I didn't like the whole inner space bit, and the Information super highway wasn't fun back then and now it's just so stale and dried up a concept that there are people who are old enough to vote who were born when it was overplayed.
  2. I'd suggest white listing too. Just make it so someone has to send a PM over the forum to get a spot. Just remember to whitelist Psyckosama. ;) If you're willing I'd also like to request a place on the team, though I'm not as good with Redstone as some. I'd like to try and do up the SCS Eurika, though I might need some help with the door engineering.
  3. A yep! I'll agree with that. Though at least in the beginning, less skill and more natural talent. By the end I'd say skill. Thank you. To move on from it I'd say there's the old Warthog vs. Gazelle comparion they used in the speical forces to discribe trainees. A gazelle is someone who does things effortlessly and well. They're smart and talented. Everything comes easily to them. But the problem with gazelles is that once they go down, they're down. Get them in the mud and the hyenas are all over them. They do great when things are going fine. But when things are going way too wrong and everyone needs to pull together to survive, the gazelles will give up and not fight their way out. Not because they're weak or inferior, but because they've never had to dig deep, they don't know how to do it. A warthog is someone who has had to fight for everything they've ever had. They can be smart, they can be talented but in the end they had to work for everything they've got because things don't come easy to them. While Gazelles jump over obstacles, the warthog has to crawl through the mud and barrel through them. Sure, when things are going well, they’re not as impressive as the relatively effortless gazelle, but its when the going gets tough, when they’re in the mud with the hyenas all over them, it’s just another day at the job, because they’re used to fighting for everything. They don’t give up because they’ve never given up, because if they were the type to give up they’d have thrown in the towel long before. Roger is 150% Warthog. He's smart, he's talented, even if its hard to see, but that doesn't mean things come easy to him. It's only when he's under pressure that he shines and he lives in a society that loves their pretty prancing gazelles (Quirk) and can't see the ugly, stuborn old pig that never gives up as being worth half a damn.
  4. I'm hoping to make an attempt and an adromidian style mushroom house.
  5. Large mega constructs are a pain in the ass I tell you. I've been going nuts trying to get the curves on eureka's hull right.
  6. We'll I'd like to see how its done. I've seen open from the side, not open from top and bottom.
  7. Anything on the Eurika at all?
  8. I'd really like to know how you build those doors and elevators?. I've been wanting to build a full scale Eurika and would love to know how you got them to work. Also, I am interested in helping.
  9. I disagree. You see, Roger in game wouldn't have the power of loading after a death or having done it all before. He's basically the equivilant of someone who played through all six games. Perfectly. On the first attempt. Now, I know a chunk of that is his famed dumb luck, but on the same note... Once is conicidence. Twice is deja vu. Thrice is enemy action. There's more between those ears than anyone, especially Roger, has any idea of. I'd say Roger is extremely intelligent which only shows when he's under pressure. Unfortinatly the rest of the time he's a compelte and total bumbling ditz with cronic procrastination problems, and serious self-expression issues. I kinda like the ending of SQ5 myself. It was Rogers brightest hour. Oh really... :P
  10. Okay... somebody record the Roland of this and post it! :D
  11. I go by the opinion that Roger is actually extremely intelligent but also exceptionally under motivated. He's like one of those kids who was bored out of his mind in school because he was cronically underengaged, and rather than figure out that there was more to him, due to the extremely corrupt, shallow, and apperence obsessed nature of the SQ world, he was labeled as an idiot. And thus, he became an idiot, or at least an extremely convincing facsimile thereof. I think his greatest problem, the one that lead to his fall from grace between SQ1 and SQ2, and again after SQ5 is that he really is not the hero the universe wants. He's awkward, not well spoken, and even if he's not an authentic idiot, he's still authentically bumbling. The the kind of hero the SQ world wants is QUIRK. He's superfically suave, superfically dashing, superfically chrismatic, and probably superfically brave. He's as real as his hair, but as long as he looks good on TV he's just what they wanted. The very idea that a lazy, il-educated, bumbling janitor could be the greatest hero in the Galaxy is simply too offensive to bare and rather than face the fact they're wrong, they try and make him what they expect. Hell, the only character in the entire series who ever saw Roger for what he really is is Stellar, and I think the annoying irony is that she's a far better match for him than Bea who in SQ5, and even in the fangames, was never able to get past that bias. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/AlternativeCharacterInterpretation/VideoGames http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/ObfuscatingStupidity/VideoGames I like his entries here.
  12. Just wondering if there are any good avaliable 3d models of the various ships from Space Quest? I'd love to have one of the Aluminium Malard or Eureka?
  13. I'm seriously tempted to simply redub all his lines do he doesn't sound like a sniveling twerp. Roger's many things. He's lazy and a bit slow but never sniveling. Well, not most of the time.
  14. Sorry to post to a thread so long inactive but... well SQUEEEEE!!! I said it could be done and people laughed at me! Well who's laughin' now! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! :D
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