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  1. I don't know about SQ 4 (it's the SQ that I played the least, other than 6), but I remember seeing two minor bugs in the first two games. In SQ1 EGA, if you take the cartridge after seeing it at the console on Kerona, it still says that it's in the slot even though it's in your inventory. In SQ 2, in the famous plunger hanger part, if you let go of the plunger before the sequence is done, the walls rise and the door opens, but the floor still moves and you can't escape. That's just the inner game tester in me still thriving even though I haven't tested a game professionally for a year! :D
  2. I don't think SQ is the greatest ever Sci-fi, that is a pretty big stretch to make. I'm actually not that much of a sci-fi reader, even if I should be. In terms of drama, Mass Effect is way ahead of Space Quest. But as a comedy, SQ is pure gold. It's really sad that there isn't more dedicated Sci-fi comedies out there. Other than Red Dwarf (which I adore) and Futurama (which I don't watch enough even though I haven't seen an episode I didn't like yet), there doesn't seem to be that much in terms of sci-fi comedy. Till next time stay cool :cool:
  3. Holy crap! I remember these. I can't remember when I saw them first, but it was quite a while. Till next time stay cool B)
  4. This is just plain awesome. We need everyone to get aboard and bring back the classics. If they could wrest LSL and SQ from the hands of big software, we can do it for the other beloved franchises and relive the glory days in startling HD! This is wonderful, and I'm just amazed that the Two Guys are back. I always thought they never really would, but it is amazing that they did. P.S. Why was my old account deleted? Till next time stay cool
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