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  1. Found all three deaths, the messages that follow are great.
  2. I would, but I've already booked space for "Drat, knew I shouldn't have pushed that button". Maybe on a T-shirt though... hm.
  3. I don't understand the confusion personally. So far for me the updates have been clear as day, the prototypes are being made in a browser, the actual game will not require a browser to play. I don't get where the confusion comes from. I'm not being sarcastic, I genuenly do not understand what the confusion is about. :huh:
  4. What you're actually supposed to play that game? Okay that was a bad joke. I apologize. Anyway, yes I did in fact in my first playthrough play SQ3 without finishing Astro chicken game (gave up after several miserable tries) and thus never got the secret message. Heck I didn't know there was a secret message. I just plodded along until I solved the game and with no idea why I was doing exactly this :D
  5. I would be all for hard core mode. I tend to save very often (honestly that's one thing the Space Quest definately teaches you to do) so the whole "death being punishment" is really never a factor for me.
  6. I must be one of those oddballs who never minded any death in the sierra adventure genre, be it the far more serious King's Quest to the downright Hilarious Space quest. This is actually my beef with the Lucas Art games, they are too easy because you can't die. There is no risk, there is no "oh dear if I do this to this guy will I die?" or "or I wonder if this is one of the games where you fall of edge.... yeah you do...". Don't get me wrong, I do love the various Lucas Art Games, but for me I feel the Sierra games are more realistic in terms of when you fail, because you fail in real life, th
  7. $165 from me, $150 pledge + $15 for shipping. Simply because over here in Norway you get some extra money with the may/june paycheck so I can afford it. Wish I could have for the larry campaign though and Jane Jensen, ah well.
  8. Unfortunately I could never speak of everything I want to speak of in 60 seconds but and I would put something up but then I remembered I don't have a working camera. crap
  9. I have done my duty and pledged for the chance of playing another great hilarious Space Adventure Games from the Two Guys from Andromeda.
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