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Do you like Vohaul?


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He's probably the best villain the Space Quest series had, because he's just as bogus as Roger himself, so they make a good pair. No matter how many times Vohaul thinks he got rid of Roger, Roger is back, and vice-versa. Not only that, but Vohaul has the same weakness as Voldemort, in which he has an ego too large for not being able to get rid of Roger Wilco, and he wants to do it himself. He also has a thing against Xenon, which is Roger's home world. For all those reasons, his war with Roger is personal and I love it. Personal score: 8/10

Quirk was probably my second favorite villain of the series. He is a good opposite to Roger too, for different reasons. Roger is a loser with a good heart, and Quirk was an arrogant winner. Learning about his involvement with Genetix distanced him a bit from the personal war he had with Roger, but it felt like the game was trying to portray him more as an actual "evil" guy. I think he would've done better as simply an arrogant captain. Personal score: 6/10

Now for Sharpei, apart from her weird fetish with transgendering and transaging to a male janitor in his 20's, she never really did anything against anyone but Roger and Stellar. Somehow, for me, this really did not make her feel that she was that threatening whatsoever. An interesting point, however, is that this is what really made me wonder what's up with Roger's luck. After all, she picked HIM out of a whole galaxy. Maybe there is a special reason for it; a genetic reason. Personal score: 4/10

Finally, Elmo. Elmo never had this proximity. He was not against Roger, the janitor just happened to mess with his plans. All he wanted to do is continue scamming people and being rich. He does have some cool factor with his base and his Skull Fighters, so for that he wins a little bit over Sharpei. Personal score: 5/10

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