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  1. Awesome! That is really cool! 😄 One of the best Space Quest fan arts I've seen in quite a while.
  2. I love "Tawmis Vohaul"'s voice. These are great. I don't know how I didn't come across this before.
  3. He's probably the best villain the Space Quest series had, because he's just as bogus as Roger himself, so they make a good pair. No matter how many times Vohaul thinks he got rid of Roger, Roger is back, and vice-versa. Not only that, but Vohaul has the same weakness as Voldemort, in which he has an ego too large for not being able to get rid of Roger Wilco, and he wants to do it himself. He also has a thing against Xenon, which is Roger's home world. For all those reasons, his war with Roger is personal and I love it. Personal score: 8/10 Quirk was probably my second favorite villain of
  4. Most of the times he killed were pretty much accidental, unless he had to. In SQ1, he wanted to save his home world from blowing up, and the Sariens had quite a bit of time to escape from the ship. If you count the Orat as a kill, maybe that's 1, unless you went with the Spider Droid choice. Total: 0 or 1 (depending on your decision). In SQ2, he killed Vohaul to save his home world (again), and because Vohaul miniaturized him and was trying to punch him to death (I always thought he may have tried to subdue Vohaul by making him weaker but accidentally killed him because he couldn't t
  5. Hey Sledgy! Been a long time seeing anything happening on these forums, glad to see you're still around (It's been like, 6 years since my last post on here or something crazy like that). I honestly think it could be fun. An adventure game with multiplayer functionality already sounds kind of cool. It would just have to be made a certain way so it works with two people. For example, when a cutscene is meant to happen, the game should first give the players the incentive to group up, or make it so they can only go through a certain door if they all go together. As for exploring areas, since
  6. And I wonder why I used Flickr again, now that I discovered imgur. :/
  7. I hope this work, I haven't used Flickr in ages... here is the more recent, and probably last Space Quest Lego project I'll do for a while. Sack's and the Software Store from Galaxy Galleria, remade entirely in Lego! https://flic.kr/s/aHskJgvxzX My original plan was to make the whole Galaxy Galleria in Lego, but I ran out of grey, then with a lot of real life stuff happening I never got to post these here. Here they are, at last! :D
  8. I think I am starting to understand... maybe. Are you trying to say that Wilco creates his own enemies in his mind, and destroys them to feel like a hero, when he is in reality a simple janitor imagining all of it?
  9. So what happened with me? you might ask. Where's the project I promised? Did I forget about Space Quest? Neither of those. I would say I'm officially "back". Maybe. Kinda. I finished as much of the secret project as I could, and I realized the project is impossible to complete due to the limited size of my Lego collection, and real life being now a big obstacle to continue making these, so I will post the pictures of the last project of this series soon, but that will probably be the last I will do of this project.
  10. Amazingness in video. Period. This is one of the best SQ fan work I've seen in a long time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gq024O5HNk8
  11. Hey guys! Been a while. Recently I'm working on a Minecraft map of the new game "Please don't Touch Anything" that recently came out on Steam. The map is just about done, and I mean it's an inch away. The end is still to complete, but there is one thing I find the map lacks. Since the whole game of Please don't Touch Anything is made around references, I thought it would be cool to sneak a Space Quest reference in the map as a "bonus ending". For those who don't know the game, Please don't Touch Anything is a retro, 8-bit game where you are in a room, you have a panel, and through a window you
  12. That sounds cool! Please notify me if you make something. :) I always like to see Space Quest and Minecraft related things.
  13. I actually started doing YouTube myself, and mainly working on a long-term Minecraft Let's Play, I also played AGD King's Quest 1 and 2. Tried the new King's Quest game, but stopped, because I wasn't satisfied with my marrating on that series. Planning to soon do the Entire Space Quest series, going in this order : Space Quest I VGA, Infamous Adventures' Space Quest II VGA, Space Quest III, IV, V, VI, Space Quest Vohaul Strikes Back, then Incinerations.
  14. As this project is still on hold, but not out of my mind, I thought I would distract you guys with a little something I made that relates to Space Quest, in Minecraft. I saw simplysarc's video on pop-up graphics in Minecraft (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NTu1uGLROs), and I was disappointed by the lack of tutorial on how to make that yourself, so I decided to make one. To demonstrate the trick, I displayed Ortega's falling into lava death message in Minecraft, with working Restore/Restart/Quit. Here is the video : (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuSKqNreqV8) Anyways, I thought that was
  15. That. Was. Awesome. Period. Great work! That is what keeps a community like this alive! :D Keep up with the good work! - BlockMaster
  16. Doesn't this sound way too familiar? : https://soundcloud.com/blinch_music/runes Not the exact same theme, but it must be inspired or else it's incredible how much there is a ressemblance with the tune. Just something that passed through my mind. Tell me what you think. - MaitreDesBlocs
  17. I did cut the bush where the "creature" is, but that's all I did with the tool so far.
  18. I would gladly Skype someone about Space Quest. I rarely have someone to talk to about the game, so it would be interesting. If someone wants my Skype address, PM me. ;) EDIT : I know I just revived an old thread, but back then I didn't have the time to respond, and then I forgot about it.
  19. I started a Let's Play on the new game. Kinda stuck at what to do after buying the bush cutter. I'm pretty sure I wasn't supposed to buy that, but I can't restore. Could someone give me a hint on what to do next? Not tell me, I just want a hint.
  20. I'm back guys! I had a dream two days ago, about some unused Space Quest 6 material, and I think I figured out a couple things. So I thought about this, and I remembered that the only item that is mentionned in the code, without being accessible in Space Quest 6 Debug is the pen. Where was the pen, you might wonder. NARRATOR : A pen lies on the ground, probably discarded by the malcontent who scribbled on the sign. Which sign could he be talking about? Oh yeah. Scribbling on a sign? Cyberspace office, of course. It probably was something on the ground below the sign... where the screwdriv
  21. Haha! Loved the last one! This made my day a whole lot better. And yes, I'm still around. Just rarely have time, or interest, to post anything these days. Thank you for the sneak peaks, TGFA! BlockMaster
  22. It's funny. I made a post on the Space Quest wiki five months ago about that. If I knew this wasn't well known, I would've post something about that a lot earlier. :P It's cool, anyways, how it's not on most documentation websites for Space Quest III.
  23. ERMAGERD. I need one of each! ;) Usually, I can never find t-shirts that represent me. Now this is... Wow. Good job!
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