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Space Quest Multiplayer


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Hey Sledgy! Been a long time seeing anything happening on these forums, glad to see you're still around (It's been like, 6 years since my last post on here or something crazy like that).

I honestly think it could be fun. An adventure game with multiplayer functionality already sounds kind of cool. It would just have to be made a certain way so it works with two people. For example, when a cutscene is meant to happen, the game should first give the players the incentive to group up, or make it so they can only go through a certain door if they all go together. As for exploring areas, since adventure games are mainly based on "looking" around, both players could look and explore a different section of the current area, or a different screen, to see if either of them finds something interesting. Maybe you could also give inventory items to others, so inventory puzzles would have to be solved together. There are a lot of interesting possibilities with this. I'm surprised I never saw something like this before.

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